Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chicago Recap!!

Back from Chicago and St. Louis! It was a crazy and busy and fun break--it's not easy to come back to work after playing for a week! We had some idols on our flight over to Chicago...yes, THESE idols! 8 of the top 10 American Idols were on our flight! David A and C were MIA, but the rest were all there: Chikeze, Ramiele, Michael, Kristy, Carly, Brooke, Jason, and Syesha! At the SLC airport, everyone for the most part left them alone, but as soon as they got off the plane in Chicago, people swarmed around to get pictures and autographs! It was fun seeing them in person after being a faithful watcher this past season!
On Thursday after we got our booth all set up, Ashlee, Danielle and I headed down to Navy Pier! We had fun walking up and down the pier and tried to stay in as much shade as possible--it was so hot and humid! We had some good food from Bubba good! After dinner, we headed towards Michigan Avenue! All the shops were closed, but it was fun to walk up and down that famous street! We caught a taxi to get back to our metro stop and passed by Millennium Park and THIS sculpture...I wish we could have spent more time downtown, but I guess I have a reason to go back!
We had fun at the show...a lot smaller than the Anaheim show, but we still had a good time!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We're on our way to Chicago this morning for CHA! We'll be there 'til Sunday, and then I'm headed down to St Louis Monday morning to spend time at home for the week! Yay for vacations! I should probably finish packing...

Have any suggestions on things to do in Chicago?? Lemme know! We might be able to squeeze a few fun things in!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gotta Love the 'Burg!

What a crazy-fun weekend! The weekend started at about 4 am Friday morning...I'm still not sure how I made it up that early! I headed out the door by 5 to meet up with Luke and Marissa's friend up in Salt Lake and then we continued on up to Rexburg in time to make it to the Rexburg parade at 9! After the Rexy parade, we headed over to the Menan parade and fair-type-thing. I wasn't expecting to see anyone I knew in Menan, but while Ris and I were waiting in line for an hour and a half for our tacos, I ran into one of my good friends from my Drawing 1 class! Abby and I spent soo many hours working on projects together trying to understand perspective, proportion, contour lines, value, texture and everything else taught in a beginning drawing class! I was so glad to get that class done and out of the way!

After Menan, we got all of our things together to watch the fireworks in Idaho Falls, but made a stop at the Snake River and went boating for about an hour! In Idaho Falls, we had AMAZING view...we were maybe 150 feet from where the fireworks were launched! We could all feel our hearts skip a beat when the huge ones went off because we were so close! During the finale, Ris put her sunglasses on because it was soo bright! So fun!

Saturday morning, we had amazing gourmet waffles and smoothies--a great way to start the day! The boys took off to go shooting and Ris and I headed over to see Spencer and Erin's new house! It's always a party when Erin's around! It was fun catching up and laughing our heads off! For dinner, we had an amazing BBQ complete with shiskibobs, grilled pineapple, corn on the cob and baked potatoes!! We headed over to Craigo's after dinner to meet up with Spence and Erin for some dessert! We tried taking a picture of the three of us after, but we were totally unsucessful at getting a normal one! One of us was either laughing or we were all looking different places!

I wish we all lived closer together! It was so nice to get out of Provo for the weekend and spend time with good friends!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So exciting!!

I can't even remember how I came across THIS site, but I'm soooo glad I did! Spoonflower allows you to upload custom designs to be printed on fabric, but the cool thing about it is that there's no minimum order! Right now the site is just in beta and only a few people are invited every week to participate in their trial period. I got my invitation to join a couple weeks ago, and I JUST uploaded a pattern to see how it turns out!! My fingers are crossed!!!

**Update: I've uploaded 2 more patterns...I'm anxious to see how it turns out!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Simple truth:

"You never give to get; you give to give."

I read this thought the other day--somehow I come across things like this at the very moment that I need to hear them. Just wanted to share!


It's almost the 4th of July which means it's almost time for me to take a little trip up to Rexburg for the weekend and spend time with THEM and THEM!!!! I'm *slightly* excited to get out of Provo for a few days! A little break from everything is much needed! :)

I wanted to have a better update on here as it's been a couple weeks, but when I went to plug my camera in, the cord was MIA! But for a fun little update, stop by KATIE & JOE's blog...or for a picture, stop by HERE. Wish I could be out there!