Thursday, December 8, 2011

current state of my desk

Time for a bigger desk. I need more workspace! Sigh.

I participated in the gift exchange at Creative Collaborative tonight--so fun! Everyone brought five things to share. It was so fun seeing all the, prints, fine art, photography, handmade books...everything was amazing! I made this print last summer, and it's been hanging by my desk ever since: "live what you love." Maybe it's not so much of a print, per se, but I used my ever-so-handy Silhouette to cut out the phrase and backed it with some printed paper. More proof that I can be crafty!

On my desk:
Mixtape by American Crafts (love it!)
• Little mini Christmas lights (up in the left corner...I love having these in my room at Christmas time!)
• 20 windows open on my computer...oops
• Prints for Creative Collaborative
• some AC adhesive (ever so useful)

This weekend: Christmas shopping. Playing a two-person piano/organ duet at Church. Should be fun! Getting organized. Car upkeep things. Enjoying the season.