Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tom & Lucy Art Shoppe Is Now Open!

(cell phone quality photo...yes, my camera is MIA at the moment.)

The Art Shoppe is now open! Come stop by! Tons of cute things to buy...specifically journals made from vintage books and cake stands made with vintage dishes! (Sometimes I can be shameless! :) The Shoppe is open til Saturday afternoon in Lehi off the Alpine Highway. Click on that little blinking button on the right side there for directions! Oh...and there's a little better view of the quilt!

And one last thing...big day brother, Chris, is getting married! Wahoo! Chris and Holly will be getting married HERE...isn't it beautiful??!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Consider Yourself Invited!

Tom & Lucy's Art Shoppe starts TOMORROW and goes til Saturday! Come stop by! Super fun things for sale...the perfect place to stop for Christmas shopping!

See you there!

Some Things Take Time...Right?

Happy early Christmas to me!!!! Remember the quilt I started (*cough*) a year ago??? It might finally be finished!! Wahoo!!!! I haven't put it down all night! Mom sneakily got it quilted for me and dropped it off today! I couldn't be more excited about turned out so beautiful!! I'll get a better pic of it this weekend when Dad comes with his new toy (super fancy-schmancy camera)!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just My Luck...

...especially after just having my bumper fixed!

Saturday afternoon, I was leaving a store and walked toward my car to find that the back end was completely smashed! I could not believe it--especially because it had only been three days since I had the new bumper put on! I walked closer to inspect the damage and see if there was a note. "Great," I thought. No note. No one around to claim responsibility. No one standing around who might have seen the accident. I got my camera out to take pictures of the scene. (I always carry my camera with me for situations like this!) It seemed crazy that my car would get hit that bad in a parking lot! I was trying to figure out how someone would've hit my car head-on.

Then I looked to the next aisle over and saw my car. Phew.


Oh. One more thing. Cutest niece award definitely goes to Ms. Claire:Total Babe. Wanna see more pics? (Of course you do.) Click on over to Katie & Joe's blog!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Name That Logo Quiz

I scored 35/36...can you get all of them?? Click here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Be Careful...

...what you wish for!

Last Thursday as I was leaving work, I looked at the rear bumper on my car and wished for a new one. I had parking stickers from three years ago still reminding me of the good old days at Tuscany and Autumn Winds that were peeling off in shreds. They looked so tacky! I have a hard time putting stickers on my car in the first place, and to have a huge sticker that says "Rexburg Housing" on your bumper is quite tragic, in my opinion. I continued on my way home thinking of ways I could get those pesky stickers off, but couldn't come up with anything I hadn't already tried.

A few minutes later, I found myself peacefully stopped at a light on State Street....but not for long. I was rear-ended. Lame! We exchanged info and were on our way. Good news: no injuries. Bad news: broken bumper.

I dropped my car off yesterday morning and picked it up this afternoon. Now, less than a week later, I have myself a new bumper...sans parking stickers! Wishes do come true!

And because I like to put up pictures...just a couple from our little birthday party for Ms Claire last night!

Claire in her birthday rocking chair and snow boots!
Claire in her piggy pajamas and ABC magnets!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Handmade Birthday!

Little Miss Claire is one today!! Can't hardly believe it's already been a year since she was's hard to imagine life without that lil' munchkin!

When I saw this alphabet tutorial, I thought it'd be perfect for Claire! My alphabet didn't *quite* turn out as good as the photo in the tutorial, but it works, right? :)

Lessons learned:
• sewing machines and magnets (and needles!) don't mix well
• make the letters a little bigger next time
• next time I'll be sewing by hand
• perfect way to use up small scraps of fabric

I think they turned out pretty cute for round one. I learned a few things and will change it up a little next time!

Happy Birthday, Claire!

(next major purchase: a camera!!)

Pics from when Claire was born here and here. Crazy to think this was a year ago! Time flies...

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Such a great weekend! Friday we all got dressed up and headed out for the night--Stake Halloween activity and a Halloween party that our friends were throwing. Good times! No pics...I know, lame.

Saturday morning we had a birthday breakfast for Matt at Callie's Cafe! Watch out...their waitresses have questionable side jobs and are willing to give you a little sneak peek on your birthday! It made for some good laughs! (Counter-clockwise: Dane, Britt, Jared, Ashley, Pat, Paul, me, Matt.)

Saturday afternoon, we were invited to go up to Stew's family's place to go shooting and spend some time at his home. We had a total blast! It was Michelle's first time and she did awesome! It was a beautiful day to go--not too cold, not too hot until the sun went down. We shot clay pigeons and we also took all of our carved fun! Britt made a couple of bulls upset...they weren't too happy with us being on their property! I had a good day shooting--I beat the boys in our little competition! (Dad says it's not such a good thing to beat boys at things like this...not a good way to get a husband. I don't know if I completely agree...I've gotta keep 'em in their place! :) Haha!)

(Left to right: Brandon, me, Josh, Stew, Britt and Michelle)

It's been a great weekend! Good to relax a little before a busy week. Mom's coming in on Tuesday for (pretty much) the month of November. We have lots to do! Little Claire turns one on Tuesday, too...I can't believe she'll be a year already! Last week I got rear-ended, so my car will be in the shop this week. Boo.

I'm starting to feel anxious for the holidays now that Halloween is out of the way! (I like Halloween, but it's definitely not my fave!) I hope to find time to enjoy the season and not rush through it! I have a feeling that Christmas music will start playing soon and I have mixed feelings about that one...I'm trying to decide when I want to break out the Christmas CDs in my car...maybe in a few weeks!