Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Handmade Birthday!

Little Miss Claire is one today!! Can't hardly believe it's already been a year since she was born...it's hard to imagine life without that lil' munchkin!

When I saw this alphabet tutorial, I thought it'd be perfect for Claire! My alphabet didn't *quite* turn out as good as the photo in the tutorial, but it works, right? :)

Lessons learned:
• sewing machines and magnets (and needles!) don't mix well
• make the letters a little bigger next time
• next time I'll be sewing by hand
• perfect way to use up small scraps of fabric

I think they turned out pretty cute for round one. I learned a few things and will change it up a little next time!

Happy Birthday, Claire!

(next major purchase: a camera!!)

Pics from when Claire was born here and here. Crazy to think this was a year ago! Time flies...


Shellie said...

They look really cute Lindsay! I am sure Claire loves them.

Birrell Family said...

They turned out cute and look like they are a lot of work. Claire will love them through the years!

Nicole said...

The alphabet has never been cuter. I want to make one. I also love the board!

The Robisons said...

They turned out cute! Well done!

Josh and Gnickie said...

You are such a cute Aunt. I love the magnet idea. I may have to steal it.

We will be in Utah with the girls over Thanksgiving. I hope you will be there. Maybe we can run into you:)

Luke and Marissa said...

I love it! It turned out cute. Do you have the link for the tutorial? I'l have to look at it. Maybe I can try making one for Story. I can't believe Josh and Gnickie are going to be in UT! I NEED to see those girls! I'll be so jealous if you get to see them before me. :)

LinnieBell said...

hey Riss :: there's a link for the tutorial at the beginning of the post...in the tutorial, it uses a sewing machine, but if I were to do it again (which I think I will...maybe with shapes or numbers?), I would do it by hand and not a sewing machine. Trying to keep the magnet out of the way of the presser foot and the metal plate underneath was a pain!

Gnickie :: apparently the race is on to see your girls!! What dates will you be here?

Ashley Clark said...

I absolutely LOVE this! How clever you are. You are probably Claire's favorite. :)

C World said...

it's official that you have WAY TOO MUCH talent! miss you! happy november!