Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Katie and the kiddos headed to St Louis this afternoon to spend some time there before my parents move to Houston next month...and I get to meet up with them next week! (Slightly excited :)

listening to: adele, make you feel my love
feeling: anxious/excited/nervous/happy/scattered/focused (confused? me too!)
thinking about: katie flying to st louis by herself with the kiddos and hoping she survived
seeking: for some answers
looking forward to: being with my sisters and mom and dad
weather: cold, rainy (snowy in the mountains)
enjoying: my new little toy--an iPad--but...
wondering: if i should get the 64 GB
making: well, thinking about making this
enjoying: the last few days being 26!
dreaming about: the future

and one more smoochy pic. love these two.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring Quilt Market

Spent the weekend with the talented Sarah at Market--such a fun and amazing experience to meet and see and visit with and admire so many talented designers all in one place...and right here in Salt Lake! The last couple weeks were spent alongside Sarah wallpapering, painting, gluing, cutting, and all the little things that make a booth really come to life. I love this kind of stuff! The booth couldn't have turned out better--Sarah and her husband, Ken, did an *incredible* job. Such a good weekend.

Love, love, love Market. See you in Houston.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Puddle Jumpin

It was a good day today. For more than one reason, but jumping in the puddles with my Claire was one of the highlights!

Family Portrait, May 2011

My Family, Mother's Day 2011

We just had our last "phone call" with my brother, Marshall, before he comes home this summer from Brasil! Marsh was able to connect with us via Skype, and I think this was by far my most favorite and memorable call with him. It was a totally different experience to hear and see him! We all got a good laugh hearing Marshall talk...he has such a funny accent. He expresses so much happiness in his weekly emails, and it was fun seeing his happiness. I miss his huge, quirky smile. I think it's one of his best features!

It's still amazing to me that we were able to connect via Skype...5 different computers in different countries all communicating with each other. (And for free!) Simply amazing.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

♥ Pinterest!

My new fave, fave, FAVE site: Pinterest! I've heard about the site for several months now, but didn't really "get it" til this week, when Sarah was kind enough to show me the basics, and now I'm totally loving it! I've had my little inspiration blog for almost two years now, but it's pretty time consuming to save a picture, remember where it came from, post it, link to the original source, etc. Pinterest is a virtual idea board, where you can organize and keep track of all your ideas. So simple.

Here's the quick run-down: When you sign up for Pinterest, it'll give you the option to add Pinterest to your browser toolbar. Add it; it'll make things so easy-peasy. Next, when you're browsing the internet and you come across an image on a website you want to catalog, click on the "Pin It" button in your toolbar.A window will pop up that has all the images from the page that you're on. Find the image you want to "pin;" click "pin this." Another window will pop up with a drop down menu. On your profile, you can set up categories for the different things you want to organize. Choose one of the categories and add a description for your image. Click "pin it" and it will be added to your pinterest wall. Done and done. Such a brilliant site. Oh, and the best part about Pinterest: it takes care of linking back to the original source of the image. Too often, I find an image with no link to the original source, but this takes care of all that. Gone are the days of "bookmarking" images! Have fun pinning!