Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Katie and the kiddos headed to St Louis this afternoon to spend some time there before my parents move to Houston next month...and I get to meet up with them next week! (Slightly excited :)

listening to: adele, make you feel my love
feeling: anxious/excited/nervous/happy/scattered/focused (confused? me too!)
thinking about: katie flying to st louis by herself with the kiddos and hoping she survived
seeking: for some answers
looking forward to: being with my sisters and mom and dad
weather: cold, rainy (snowy in the mountains)
enjoying: my new little toy--an iPad--but...
wondering: if i should get the 64 GB
making: well, thinking about making this
enjoying: the last few days being 26!
dreaming about: the future

and one more smoochy pic. love these two.


Joseph and Katie said...

aren't those kids just the cutest? oh yeah, their mine.

and i barely survived that flight. i was 'this close' to shoving claire in the overhead bin by the end of the second flight... claire refusing to sit in her seat = almost complete disaster.

Sher said...

such cuties. how do you do the photo collage of pics? I need to learn, haha!