Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mad Skillz

Friday night found Katie, Carly (my roommate) and me putting our mad baking skillz to the test in Katie's kitchen whipping up a batch of cookies! Three hours later, we had a counter full of black and white cookies...they didn't quite turn out like we had hoped they would, but it was still fun making them!

Is that you??

Yes, that would be me in all those pictures. Ever wonder what you'd look like had you grown up in a different decade? Mom has told me on more than one occasion that I was born in the wrong decade, and I've always secretly wished I lived in the 50s! I've seen on a few different blogs, and we've spent probably a *little* more time than we should at work playing on the site! The pictures that turn out the best are the ones the distorted ones that you take on the webcam!

It's probably a good thing that Marshall doesn't really look at this blog, because he'd probably die if he saw that I put his picture up here, but I think it's too cute not to! He was over a few weeks ago, so we were playing on the site and he thought it was pretty funny! This is what Marsh would look like in 1998!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Yes, "Ganschmalfos." It's one of our very limited options for lunch at work. For the most part, they do a good job, but there's my "special" friend that works there that does a number on the sandwiches he makes. I've started joking around with him about the quality of the sandwiches he makes, but I don't think he gets it. There's typically avocado smeared all over the wrapper, so my hands are covered in green goo by the time I carry it back to work. Everything is usually falling out of the sandwich by the time it gets unwrapped. Does this happen to anyone else's sandwich? Never. It's always my sandwich that is totally destroyed and it's kind of become a joke in the office!

Today's sandwich? Turkey avocado bagel sandwich. Wanna see what it looked like?

Looks good, right? Oh well...they gave us large drinks for free today!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Work Stinks!!

We got to work this morning only to find that the basement had flooded--bad. Really bad. It smelled soo bad. I felt like I was dying a slow, painful death inside of a porta-potty...that's how bad it was! I wish there was a way to capture the smell. Everyone would just start laughing when they walked in the room because it was so bad! It was totally an early-out day...hopefully tomorrow will be better!

(This is me, Brenda and Josh all trying to survive in our room!)

and ps...I wasn't going to share my babysitting experience from last week on here, but per Heather's request, I'm thinking about it. Look forward to it. Oh man...I'm just kind of laughing thinking about it. Fine...I give in. Here it goes:

Let me just start by saying I've NEVER had to call the parents in all my years of babysitting. Not once. I would almost consider myself a professional, if that's possible. So Katharine called last week for me to watch Addy and Luke for a couple problem, right? Katharine and James left and things were fine for about 20 minutes, when Luke realized his mom was gone and started crying. We walked around the house to settle him down, but then decided it might be a good idea to go outside and look at the cows in the field behind them. I left the back door open so we could stand on the porch and still see Addy contently watching her movie. A breeze came through and the door shut behind me and I instantly knew it was going to be locked--and locked it was. No problem, right? Luke started laughing because I think he kind of had a sense at what was going on. We tried the luck. Front door? Locked. We were able to distract Addy long enough from her movie to see if she could open the door and she started laughing and tried her hardest, but couldn't quite figure it out.

I remembered Katharine saying her friend might stop by with a key, so of course I'm hoping she would show up. Never happened. I heard the front doorbell ring, so Luke and I walked around to the front to find a lady from the Provo City "welcoming committee" wondering why I didn't come through the front door. I explained the situation and she asked if I had called the parents. My phone was safely locked inside, so of course I hadn't! She wished me luck with the situation and left me with the welcoming packet and no offer of helping us! (Welcome to Provo, Katharine!) We went back around to keep an eye on Addy, hoping the friend would come by with the key. I'm sure Addy was loving being queen of the house! She was laughing and had to have been wondering why we wouldn't come in and play with her!

Another 20 minutes or so went by and I finally gave in and went to the neighbor's house to see if they had Katharine's cell number, or knew of someone in the ward who would have it. We found the number and called several times hoping Katharine would pick up so we could get the code to the garage door. We got the code and were able to get in the house where Addy was just laughing at us and just wanted us to come watch her movie with her!

I'm sure Katharine has moved me to the top of her babysitter list! :) Needless to say, I totally felt like a lame-head! Now you know who to call for your babysitting needs...right???

Do you had any exciting/crazy/weird babysitting stories?? Please, do share...