Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Too cute, too easy!

This was too cute and too hard to pass up! This little DIY project was featured on design*sponge this afternoon...I was so anxious to get home from work so I could get started on this simple little craft! The possibilities are endless with something like this! I decided to keep it simple and stuck with the blues and greens in my ornaments. Click HERE to go to the post on design*sponge with instructions! Enjoy!

Also, for those who will be in the Provo area this weekend, there is a craft show (The Beehive Bazaar) this weekend at the Covey Center for the Arts in downtown. Click HERE to see some of the artists who are participating in the's going to be fun!

University Parkway is NOT University Ave!

So...funny story...last night, my friend Nancy and I had planned on meeting up for dinner. She called when she got off work, and we decided that we were going to go to Bajio on University, in the little strip mall area next to the mall, kind of by Village Inn restaurant. On my way I went, to Bajio on University, only to wait for 20 minutes wondering where Nancy was. I called and asked if she got lost in the "snow storm" we were having, only to be told that she was also at Bajio wondering where I was at! Apparently, there are TWO Bajios, one on University Parkway and one on University Ave., both in strip malls, both by Village Inns, and both next to malls! Too funny! Next time we'll be clarifying University Parkway or Ave.!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lazy Saturday Afternoon...

After the sleepover last night, I decided it was ok to just have a lazy afternoon! I'm catching up on typical Saturday afternoon, laundry, grocery shopping...and catching up on some of my favorite blogs! In my reading, I came across THIS...such a cute idea for gift tags!

and ps...I there are several other cute card ideas as well as paper craft ideas on her blog...I think I might have another new favorite blog! :)

The Favorite Cousin!

It's true...I'm officially the favorite cousin. Atleast that's what Traci told me last night! Sorry Katie...Joe is Traci's second favorite cousin because he can make animal noises! I'm not sure where exactly you fit in line now as being one of Traci's favorite cousins. (Traci is my cousin Matt and Jen's 6 year old daughter.) After dinner at Trish and Cliff's house, Traci came and had a little sleepover at my apartment! We went and got a couple of decorations for my little Christmas tree, made some brownies, watched Hairspray, played with Polly Pocket, had brownies and ice cream, watched the news and danced to Christmas music! I don't think we could have packed much else in last night!

The last time that Traci stayed with us, we made a little bed for her right next to mine on the floor. Assuming this would be ok with Traci to sleep there again, we got all the same blankets out and got her bed all made up. But it wasn't. Earlier when we had been watching the news, there was a story about a little girl in Iraq who had been bit by a scorpion and died because of the bite. Apparently this story hit a little too close to home for Traci. Traci did not want to sleep on the floor because a scorpion could get her down there. The only way that Traci felt safe was by being on the bed with the two of us, plus 5 pillows and 6 blankets all piled on my bed last night. Classic sleepover.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Some classic Thanksgiving comics for your Thanksgiving afternoon enjoyment! Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Congrats, Tyler and Bonnie!

I met up with Carolyn Haas tonight to visit Tyler and Bonnie's new baby girl, Lucy! Lucy was born last night and is in the NICU at Primary Children's in Salt Lake...such a cute little baby! It's going to be a long couple of weeks til she's healthy to go home. We're thinkin' about you!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Every Dad Can Do This: Part 2

Here's Katie's attempt at the whistle thing...with a little something extra at the end!

Dad....we love you. Lots and lots. Can't wait to see you next month!! :)

Every Dad Can Do This: Part 1

Tonight we had Katie and Joe and Jac's brother and sister-in-law over for was highly entertaining! After Jac's brother and sister-in-law left, things got even sillier than they already were! The four of us were sitting around the table, and Katie started doing this little whistle thing that dad always does...except Katie couldn't do it! Joe said his dad can do it, and so can Jac's dad! Then we realized that none of us can do it, and it's a talent that only dads can do. So here's our sad attempt at doing the little whistle thing.

Oh...and ps...the best part of this video are the little sounds in the background coming from Joe...enjoy!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sad Story! I really don't watch very much tv these days, but I do have one show that I've been looking forward to since season 3 ended this last summer. Beth and I would religiously watch Project Runway every Wednesday night for two hours....the first hour was the rerun from the previous week, and then the second hour was the new episode for that week. When we first moved into our apartment, we had Bravo, which I was thrilled about, but our cable situation has changed, and now we just have basic channels! I was hoping that Katie and Joe had it at their apartment, but no such luck. If anyone knows if there is a place online where you can download episodes...let me know!! I'm totally missing out. Sad story.

In honor of Smelly Danielle-y!!

I had lunch today with one of my good, good friends, Danielle! D and I some how managed to make it through the design program....lots of long nights and early mornings!! Danielle recieved her mission call a couple weeks ago and will be serving in the Cape Verde Praia mission, which is off the coast of Africa...I'm sooo excited for her! We didn't take any pictures at lunch today, so this picture is from when we were in New York City last year! If you know anyone who served in this mission, let me know!

Oh, and ps...we went to Costa Vida today for lunch...the pork quesadilla is way good!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How cute is this?!

This little DIY project was featured on design*sponge today. But seriously...isn't this too cute? I'll admit...the shape isn't exactly my favorite, but you can do anything with this! I'm thinking that my corkboard at work might get a little facelift this weekend! Click HERE to visit the post on design*sponge!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas Cards are in!

Just a little update on something I've been working on a little bit on the side...I've been working with a photographer, Kelli (who, by the way, has a *fantastic* eye when it comes to photography!) on Christmas cards! Click HERE to see the cards...I designed the last 10 on the list of samples...super simple, but I think they turned out pretty cute! Also, check out some of her current work on her blog by clicking HERE.

Monday, Monday...

...this is what I found this morning when I went out to my car! Sad, huh?

You don't realize how dependant you are on your car until you don't have it! Thank goodness for a good roommate! I'm also grateful for those times when Padre showed me how to change a tire on a car...those skills definately came in handy today! So until I get my tire fixed, my car is sporting the sweet "spare tire" look...pretty cute, I know.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I've been tagged...twice!

I've been I'm paying up with one BIG reply! Hope you're ready for this!

1. I'm currently teaching myself to write with my left hand. I practice everyday and I'm getting better! I've become quite good at signing my name left-handed, almost to the point that you can't tell if I wrote with my right or left hand!

2. I attended three high schools: El Modena in Orange, San Ramon Valley in Danville and Sehome in Bellingham. At the time I did not like the fact that we moved around, but looking back, it wasn't too bad...and it's been fun having friends from all over the place!

3. I do not like making my bed (right, mom?), but somehow when I make my bed in the morning, my day seems to go so much smoother!! I don't know what the connection is, but it always works that way! Go'd think I'd make my bed everyday...but it just doesn't always work out that way!

4. I've had 30 roommates...that's a LOT of roommates! I can say that I learned something from all of them! :)

5. I have been pulled over several times for various reasons...from not properly using my turning signal (it's supposed to blink for like 3 seconds before you changes lanes) to driving on the sidewalks at BYUI (I was just following a police officer and Danielle seemed to think it was a good idea!)...and I still have a clean driving record!

6. My favorite inside joke: "BONK!" Only a few select people really know what that means!

7. My favorite dessert: warm brownies with a good vanilla ice cream. Vanilla ice cream is my *favorite* ice goes with everything, but it's also good by itself!

8. About 5 years ago, I lived in Nauvoo for a travel study through was one of the best decisions I've made! It was an amazing semester filled with tons of learning and fun! It's fun that my parents live close to Nauvoo now...I've made a few trips up there since they've been in the midwest. Church history has a special place in my heart!

9. My favorite concert that I've been to is a toss up between two: Goo Goo Dolls and Rascal Flatts. Last summer was the summer of concerts and it was tons o' fun!

10. I got a bus ticket when (I think it was) second grade for hurting a boy's arm that was sitting next to me. He told me I couldn't hurt him...but I showed him otherwise...

And one more for my tardiness! Actually, it's more of a confession...

11. I think it's been like two years since this happened, and hopefully I get all the facts straight. My roommate (I guess ex-roommate...she now has a boy roommate and a new last name!) Erin can be difficult to play pranks on...but we got her so good this time! We always joked around with being called on to say the prayer at a devotional at school, and one time, I'm pretty sure it was one of the Apostles coming for a devotional, we had a friend call and ask Erin if she'd say one of the prayers at that particular devotional. She said yes to the person who had called, but was still unsure about the whole thing and was sooooo nervous, so she went did some detective work and asked one of the BYUI Activities advisors, Sis. Fillmore, if she could find out who was saying the prayers. Sure enough, Erin's name wasn't on the program, but she was still disturbed at the fact that someone had called and played a little joke on her! Sorry, was us....BONK!!!

I'm finally caught up on being tagged now...I would tag more people, but I feel like everyone has already been tagged, so I'm not going to tag anyone! more light savings...I'm not liking this whole getting-dark-at-6 o'clock business. I know it happens every year, but I was totally ready to go to bed at like 8:30 tonight!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Re-Cap!

Halloween 2007 came and went! I was totally hesitant about the whole dressing up thing...but it turned out to be a pretty fun day! We decided that we were dressing up for work, and I had no idea what I was going to be! My nickname at work is "Lucy" from the Peanuts cartoon because I say "good grief..." I have no idea why I say that, but I do! So I found a blue dress that worked as Lucy and a black wig...

Jac's department at work decided they were dressing up as the characters from the game/movie "Clue," so she dressed up as Mrs. Peacock...she looked amazing!

Almost all of the crazies that I work with dressed up! (Jeanna got out of it by being the "photographer"...) Left to right: me as Lucy, Brenda as Pat, Liza the Flower Power Girl and Josh as the big, bad, mean Biker Dude!

The morning Pebbles Inc. and Pebbles In My Pocket gang!

Halloween night, we went with our neighbors up to Salt Lake to a friend's "Hallapalooza Party!" Jac and I wanted a little bit of a costume change, so Jac became a Cheetah girl and I became an old lady! At the party, they gave away prizes and Matt won "Mr. Congeniality," winning a sweet purple plastic cell phone, while I won "Best Costume for girls!" I won a tiara and clip on earrings and I danced with the winner of the best costume for the boys...highly embarassing! At the end, he went to dip me and my wig totally fell off! I couldn't stop laughing! Just my luck...

The old lady and the Cheetah Girl!

Neighbors! Matt, Me and Jac

The old lady with her tiara...

Neighbors again! Me as the old lady, Matt as a Janitor/Ghost Buster/whatever you want him to be, Jac the Cheetah Girl and Jon as a men's bathroom stall!

Happy Halloween 2007!