Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sad Story! I really don't watch very much tv these days, but I do have one show that I've been looking forward to since season 3 ended this last summer. Beth and I would religiously watch Project Runway every Wednesday night for two hours....the first hour was the rerun from the previous week, and then the second hour was the new episode for that week. When we first moved into our apartment, we had Bravo, which I was thrilled about, but our cable situation has changed, and now we just have basic channels! I was hoping that Katie and Joe had it at their apartment, but no such luck. If anyone knows if there is a place online where you can download episodes...let me know!! I'm totally missing out. Sad story.


J & K said...

Super sad!! I love Project Runway! I talked to your mom tonight and she said you were coming home on the 22nd. Erik is coming here also and he flies out of Salt Lake on the 22nd. Maybe you will be on the same plane. Not quite sure when he leaves. I will find out.Miss ya

Porter Family said...

Bummer!! If you figure it out before I do, let me know since we get three channels.