Sunday, November 4, 2007

I've been tagged...twice!

I've been I'm paying up with one BIG reply! Hope you're ready for this!

1. I'm currently teaching myself to write with my left hand. I practice everyday and I'm getting better! I've become quite good at signing my name left-handed, almost to the point that you can't tell if I wrote with my right or left hand!

2. I attended three high schools: El Modena in Orange, San Ramon Valley in Danville and Sehome in Bellingham. At the time I did not like the fact that we moved around, but looking back, it wasn't too bad...and it's been fun having friends from all over the place!

3. I do not like making my bed (right, mom?), but somehow when I make my bed in the morning, my day seems to go so much smoother!! I don't know what the connection is, but it always works that way! Go'd think I'd make my bed everyday...but it just doesn't always work out that way!

4. I've had 30 roommates...that's a LOT of roommates! I can say that I learned something from all of them! :)

5. I have been pulled over several times for various reasons...from not properly using my turning signal (it's supposed to blink for like 3 seconds before you changes lanes) to driving on the sidewalks at BYUI (I was just following a police officer and Danielle seemed to think it was a good idea!)...and I still have a clean driving record!

6. My favorite inside joke: "BONK!" Only a few select people really know what that means!

7. My favorite dessert: warm brownies with a good vanilla ice cream. Vanilla ice cream is my *favorite* ice goes with everything, but it's also good by itself!

8. About 5 years ago, I lived in Nauvoo for a travel study through was one of the best decisions I've made! It was an amazing semester filled with tons of learning and fun! It's fun that my parents live close to Nauvoo now...I've made a few trips up there since they've been in the midwest. Church history has a special place in my heart!

9. My favorite concert that I've been to is a toss up between two: Goo Goo Dolls and Rascal Flatts. Last summer was the summer of concerts and it was tons o' fun!

10. I got a bus ticket when (I think it was) second grade for hurting a boy's arm that was sitting next to me. He told me I couldn't hurt him...but I showed him otherwise...

And one more for my tardiness! Actually, it's more of a confession...

11. I think it's been like two years since this happened, and hopefully I get all the facts straight. My roommate (I guess ex-roommate...she now has a boy roommate and a new last name!) Erin can be difficult to play pranks on...but we got her so good this time! We always joked around with being called on to say the prayer at a devotional at school, and one time, I'm pretty sure it was one of the Apostles coming for a devotional, we had a friend call and ask Erin if she'd say one of the prayers at that particular devotional. She said yes to the person who had called, but was still unsure about the whole thing and was sooooo nervous, so she went did some detective work and asked one of the BYUI Activities advisors, Sis. Fillmore, if she could find out who was saying the prayers. Sure enough, Erin's name wasn't on the program, but she was still disturbed at the fact that someone had called and played a little joke on her! Sorry, was us....BONK!!!

I'm finally caught up on being tagged now...I would tag more people, but I feel like everyone has already been tagged, so I'm not going to tag anyone! more light savings...I'm not liking this whole getting-dark-at-6 o'clock business. I know it happens every year, but I was totally ready to go to bed at like 8:30 tonight!

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Spencer and Erin said...

Lindsay Marie would pull that prank on me!!! Remember how I just found out about it...yes 2 years later...on your blog!!!! oh i'll get you back for better be watching your back....haha