Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Can't Wait!


...tomorrow night. SLIGHTLY excited!

Creative Suite 5 :: Yes, Please.

Just one of the a.ma.zing new features in the new photoshop...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Free Song :: Stole My Heart

Go download this song {for free!} to enjoy this weekend :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It's just like a mini mall!

*don't let this get stuck in your head all day like it was in mine.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Did you watch Life last night? What was your favorite animal segment?
Mine: the dolphins.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010


Today was so, so beautiful! 60° means driving with sunglasses on and all the windows down. The only way it could've been better was if I was driving around in this cute convertible :)

Spring is almost here and I couldn't be more ready for it!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

claire & me.

3 posts in a row with bebe Claire...I can't get enough of her! I don't think there's any better ending to the weekend than to spend a little time with the little miss. Claire tackled me on the beanbag and just wanted to cuddle {collective "aww...} and you never pass up a moment when she wants you to hold her! These moments are few and far between. Love that girl.

I think I have a stomach ache from too many jelly beans today...can't get enough of those, either!

Happy Sunday :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Skype. I love it!

I had the lil' miss over the weekend and we Skyped with mom and Sarah...Dad was there, too, but his comfy recliner got the best of him! :) Whenever Claire's over at my place, she heads straight for my computer, and before I can catch up to her, she's either got the internet pulled up waiting for Elmo to turn on or she's got PhotoBooth on and laughing because she's on the screen! Smart little cookie, I tell ya. Oh, and the best news ever: Claire's going to be a big sister! Katie & Joe find out soon what they're having...I can't wait!


Britt and I headed up to Sundance on Saturday, figuring that we'd just have a fun afternoon snowboarding on some good snow (considering we had a snowstorm the day before)! I haven't been snowboarding since my Bellingham, Washington days when we'd go up to Mt Baker, some (cough, cough) 8ish years or so ago! I think I was mostly excited to just be outside in some fresh air and hoped that I'd remember how to get off the ski lift without breaking any bones! I think we got 5 or so runs in and totally had a blast! I woke up this morning feeling almost back to normal (5 days later!) To say that we were sore would be an understatement :) We totally got outdone by the little 3 and 4 year old kids on skis who have no inhibitions and fly down the mountain! They're all so cute.

ps...the "snow" was pure ice. Not quite what we were expecting, but we had fun!


There are lots of kind people in Provo. I never doubted this, but I was reminded of this fact the other night. While out on a little run in the rain, a lady pulled over and offered me her umbrella! Seriously?! I don't think the thought to offer my umbrella to someone out on a run would've ever crossed my mind. I think I need to work on that. That little Scout phrase, "do a good turn daily" has been running through my head ever since the umbrella incident. Why stop at just one turn daily? Anyways, just a thought. Something I need to work on.


On my little walk/jog/runs, my route takes me past a new cupcake shop in town, The Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe. I've tried to hold off as long as possible, but I gave in last night. Dang it. I shouldn't have done it! Different flavors everyday...and I hear that the Nutella cupcake is A.MAZ.ING. Ms. CJane blogged about it here...I picked a s'more cupcake up for myself and a "better than something" cupcake for a friend. Both were most excellent! Check it out.


During my blog reading tonight, I came across this picture:

As soon as I saw that picture, I kind of got a little sad. When I was 12, my mom gave me a ring that belonged to her mom, and I loved that ring. It was a super delicate gold ring just like this one, but it had 7 tiny little diamonds on it. I wore the ring everywhere. When it was time to go to college, I decided to leave it behind in my jewelry box because I didn't want anything to happen to it, and I've never seen it since. I would give anything to get that ring back! Maybe I could get this etsy seller to make me a custom ring?? It wouldn't hurt to ask.


That's all, for tonight anyways. I'm ready for the weekend.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scriptures, Boogers and Birthday

I just saw this post in my post list, and I must've hit "save now" instead of "publish!" Oops...now this is a week late! :(

All in a day's work...even on your birthday!The work of a mother never ends...or so I'm told! It was Katie's birthday yesterday, so we had a little mini birthday party between scripture reading, blowing runny noses, learning to drink from a cup and fits from (sweet angel) Claire. (Claire, misbehave? Never. Maybe only sometimes.)

I like to think that Katie had an ideal birthday...she didn't even change out of her PJs! I wish I could spend my birthday in PJs. After Claire went to bed, we had a little celebration complete with the most AMAZING candles ever that I got when I was back East last Fall. (Side note: Mom thought I was crazy for buying them, but I saw their potential!) I admit, they do look a little ridiculous on these cupcakes, but I promise that one day I'll make an amazing cake and top it with these candles (a little something like this cake). Yum. One day. Hopefully soon.

Anyways, just a little shout out to my little sis who's 22 now! Happy birthday, Katie! I love you! :)

Cotton Ball Snow

Doesn't it look like the tree is growing cotton balls? :)

We haven't gotten much snow this winter, so I'm enjoying the little that we're getting right now! Back East got all the snow this winter, and I have to admit I've kind of missed it this year.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New{ish} Blog

Everyday I get sucked into my google reader and read hundreds of blog posts on blogs about life, weddings, photography, family & friends, strangers, on being happy, design, art, home decor, quilting, flowers, tech-y things (nerd alert!), scrapbook stuff, DIY ... and on, and on and on! I (without fail) star at least 50 posts daily because there's something within the post that's inspiring in some way to me. I've tried to figure out the best way to keep track of all these things...should I print them out and keep the pics in a binder? I started doing that, but that 1-costs a lot of mullah, 2-it's too much work and 3-I don't have room for stuff like that right now.

Solution: start a blog and compile all these things that I love and find inspiring. It's super basic...just pictures and links to the original post. Simple, right? I think so. I kind of think of it as a digital sketch book of ideas, ya know? The plan originally was to keep it to myself, but a few people have somehow found it, so I figured I'd uncover it...not that it was super secret to begin with. Don't count on regular posts...they kind of come in spurts (like 20 at a time)! Everything has a label, so it's easy to find things. Hope you enjoy! Click here.

I'm going through my google reader and want to add some fun, new blogs...what's your current favorite blog? I need some new ones :)