Sunday, March 14, 2010

claire & me.

3 posts in a row with bebe Claire...I can't get enough of her! I don't think there's any better ending to the weekend than to spend a little time with the little miss. Claire tackled me on the beanbag and just wanted to cuddle {collective "aww...} and you never pass up a moment when she wants you to hold her! These moments are few and far between. Love that girl.

I think I have a stomach ache from too many jelly beans today...can't get enough of those, either!

Happy Sunday :)


Jill said...

you have such a cute niece...wonder where i can get one? ;) great pic of your beautiful smile by the way

Luke and Marissa said...

Cute picture! and I have a stomach ache from too many Sour Patch kids.

Anonymous said...

You can send me your green ones! :) Happy Spring! Isn't Easter candy the best!