Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New{ish} Blog

Everyday I get sucked into my google reader and read hundreds of blog posts on blogs about life, weddings, photography, family & friends, strangers, on being happy, design, art, home decor, quilting, flowers, tech-y things (nerd alert!), scrapbook stuff, DIY ... and on, and on and on! I (without fail) star at least 50 posts daily because there's something within the post that's inspiring in some way to me. I've tried to figure out the best way to keep track of all these things...should I print them out and keep the pics in a binder? I started doing that, but that 1-costs a lot of mullah, 2-it's too much work and 3-I don't have room for stuff like that right now.

Solution: start a blog and compile all these things that I love and find inspiring. It's super basic...just pictures and links to the original post. Simple, right? I think so. I kind of think of it as a digital sketch book of ideas, ya know? The plan originally was to keep it to myself, but a few people have somehow found it, so I figured I'd uncover it...not that it was super secret to begin with. Don't count on regular posts...they kind of come in spurts (like 20 at a time)! Everything has a label, so it's easy to find things. Hope you enjoy! Click here.

I'm going through my google reader and want to add some fun, new blogs...what's your current favorite blog? I need some new ones :)


The Robisons said...

Wow Linds! Looks like I have a new blog to follow. I love that you are filtering through all those blogs for me and posting only the best. How wonderful. ;) ;)

Birrell Family said...

This is an inspired idea Lindsay! Now, since I like your taste, I don't have to scrounge around, I can come to yours. wonderful!!!!

Audrey said...

S'bout time you started sharing! :) I'm telling everyone about this! I kinda want to start one now. I usually just save the pics for myself and forget where I got them!