Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scriptures, Boogers and Birthday

I just saw this post in my post list, and I must've hit "save now" instead of "publish!" this is a week late! :(

All in a day's work...even on your birthday!The work of a mother never ends...or so I'm told! It was Katie's birthday yesterday, so we had a little mini birthday party between scripture reading, blowing runny noses, learning to drink from a cup and fits from (sweet angel) Claire. (Claire, misbehave? Never. Maybe only sometimes.)

I like to think that Katie had an ideal birthday...she didn't even change out of her PJs! I wish I could spend my birthday in PJs. After Claire went to bed, we had a little celebration complete with the most AMAZING candles ever that I got when I was back East last Fall. (Side note: Mom thought I was crazy for buying them, but I saw their potential!) I admit, they do look a little ridiculous on these cupcakes, but I promise that one day I'll make an amazing cake and top it with these candles (a little something like this cake). Yum. One day. Hopefully soon.

Anyways, just a little shout out to my little sis who's 22 now! Happy birthday, Katie! I love you! :)

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