Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my o my...a GIVEAWAY!

'Member how I've been so awesome at blogging this summer?? Oh, yeah...

Last month we had a fun creative activity at work...screen printing! All of us creative peeps designed a little something and then over two days, we headed over to one of my co worker's houses and printed the afternoon away! It's always nice to get a little 'creative break' from work :)

I printed this little ditty up on some shirts and some AC textured cardstock:

Want one?? Leave a comment, and I'll select a random commenter on Monday (because Monday's a holiday and that'd be fun to have a winner on a holiday, right?)...and I'll drop a poster in the mail to you (and maybe even with a little something extra :) Just be sure to tell me in your comment if you're sad to see summer end or if you're happy to see fall coming. Deal?

I'll answer first: I drove with a friend up the canyon yesterday afternoon, and the air was slightly crisp and so refreshing. Yes, I'm just a *little* excited for fall to be here!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kittens! Inspired by...Kittens!

I've probably single-handedly watched this 9,280,373 of the 9,280,374 times it's been viewed. Watch it at least twice...with every view, it gets funnier! (Right mom???)

I think part of the reason I think it's funny, is because I can see my niece, Claire, making a video like this in about 3 years from now!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I think...

...they just might be related.

(the picture of Claire--if you can figure out which one she is--was taken by Katharine.)

Those Brewer kiddos...just can't get enough of them! Claire is learning and trying to be so gentle with her little brother and wants to cuddle right up next to him. Caleb couldn't be a cuter lil' guy!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

...and let your natural sweetness shine through!

My sister in law, Holly, posted this...it's too funny not to share. Enjoy :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sister & Brother

Claire is soo in love and can't keep her eyes off Caleb! When she's not staring the baby down, she's playing on the jungle gym...I mean hospital stuff...and loving life! :)

Welcome Baby Caleb!

Welcome to the world, little Caleb :)

Baby Brewer Updates :)

6:00 pm - Katie's toes are blue for Baby Brewer! He'll be here soon :)

6:07 - Baby weight guesses:
Joe: 8lbs 10oz
Me: 8lbs 2oz
Mom: 7lbs 7 oz
Katie: 9lbs 4 oz

6:14 - Dr's here! He's on his way!

6:20 - Baby's here!!!! He's a big boy with a high squeal! We can't stop laughing--his little cry is so cute!

Official Weight: 8lbs 10oz...Joe was right!
Length: 20"

Monday, August 2, 2010


Is it already time to head back to Utah?? It's been so nice being here...