Sunday, January 29, 2012

Inspired by Sesame Street!

Loved this little video collage from the Squarespace and Uppercase mini part at ALT! All of the mini parties had adorable photo booths, and this one had a plexiglass wall that you could draw, write and doodle on. Love that it was inspired by Sesame Street! (I love when Bert starts laughing when Ernie is "drawing" his ears...)

Me = total nerd, but Muffin is adorable, so I'll just go with it! Love this girl!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Love for Paperless Post

I was reminded the other day about Paperless Post--a great resource for e-cards. Lots of variety and beautifully designed cards, and they're even delivered "in" envelopes! I'm still planning on sending out some snail-mail Valentines, but these are pretty tempting! Some of my faves:

1 // hello valentines pink hearts 2 // i fancy you 3 // i love you 4 // i love you - red velvet 5 // i couldn't love you more 6 // lucky me

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Year

Oh, hey there! It's 2012. It's been a while :)

The holidays were fun--parents drove to Utah from Tay-hass, got stuck in Roswell because of snow, and made it to Provo on Christmas Eve. Little Lucy and Lizzy (scroll to the bottom of the post) came along for the ride, and I think we all scheming ways we could keep them here in Utah!

I just spent the last two days in Salt Lake for ALT and to say that it was amazing would be a severe understatement! So many amazing, talented, beautiful, creative, inspiring, influential, encouraging people, all with different stories, all together to learn and be inspired by others. Classes, round table discussions, panels, keynote speakers, parties. 30 pages of notes and thoughts. Dreaming big. Just a few of the highlights: 

• Spending time with the adorable and talented glad we went together! Muffin and I met in school, and our paths have crossed several times since. Love this girl!
• Listening to Ben Silbermann, founder of Pinterest. Loads of respect for him, and next time I get the 404 error message, I'll be a little more patient :)
• Meeting and spending time with and making new friends...and meeting 'the face behind the blog.'
• Thought-provoking questions.
• Setting goals for this year and working to accomplish these goals.

Loved my time at ALT. Well worth it.

Here's to a fabulous 2012!

Oh! One other bullet point! My sweet, funny, and talented friend, Katie, was so kind to let me stay with her in Salt Lake. Katie used to live just a few condos down from me, and ever since she moved to Salt Lake, Provo hasn't been the same!

Krista (on the right) hosted a little party before Christmas, and Katie (on the left) came down from Salt Lake and helped me decorate a gingerbread house. I like to think that ours turned out the best :)