Saturday, April 24, 2010

How To Eat A French Fry. By Claire.

The more dip the better! :)

And a cute preggo pic of Katie! :) She was looking so cute in this dress this seems like overnight she grew a cute little tummy!

Thank goodness we had a beautiful day today! The last two days, we've seen snow, rain, wind and hail...craziness, I tell ya! The trees at my complex are in full bloom and it's beautiful. Love this time of year.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On Shoes...

So far, I've counted 5 other people at work who all have these super cute shoes from Target. Love 'em, but today they were killing my feet. Then tonight I looked at the front page of Yahoo and saw this picture:Read the full article here.

No thank you. I'll stick to my flats.


While stopped at a stop light, I looked over to my right and saw this:I was all by myself and I laughed (out loud), so I whipped out my camera and snapped a photo. (Note: always carry a camera with never know when you'll need it!)

Story time: one of the most important lessons I learned in school was to be more observant of my surroundings. I've noticed an increased appreciation for the little things when I pay attention to what's around me. Sometimes I drive other people crazy because I'll point out the littlest things that I think are beautiful/weird/random/etc. Case in point: tonight on my run with Danielle (shout out!) we went past a blooming magnolia tree and it was beautiful! Naturally, I pointed at it--slightly excited--because Spring is just around the corner! (It snowed this morning here; Spring has not unveiled it's face here along the Wasatch Front.) Then a few minutes later, this little pair of quails ran across someone's lawn and without even thinking about it, I pointed them out to Danielle and she just laughed at me and was "impressed" by my observation skillz. I started laughing, not quite sure what to say except to just laugh at myself and my quirky habit! Please tell me I'm not the only one does this! :)

And one more thing...we (my roomies and me) might be going to the BSB concert this summer...what do you think about that?!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Enrichment Ideas??

Have you had any fun craft-y enrichments lately?? I'm trying to come up with a few fun/easy/cheap enrichment ideas...I have a few thoughts, but would love input! My friend, Amy, had a fun little friends craft day and made a bunch of fun decorations for the party...super cute, huh? Maybe we could have a craft party/enrichment sorta thing...? Here's a pic from Amy's par-tay:

I want to hear your ideas or if you have favorite enrichment idea blogs!

Girls Day!

We had a fun little girls day while mom and Sarah were in town last week! We kicked off the day at the baby doctor for Katie's ultrasound and she's having a...boy! The sweet nurse explained that the baby had "outdoor plumbing" girls were laughing and Joe couldn't have had a bigger smile on his face! No girl's day is complete without pedicures and pizza! Best pizza in Provo: Pizza Pie Cafe...go check it out! We missed my sister-in-law, Holly, but that just means that next time mom and Sarah are in town, we'll have a big 'ol party!

**Has anyone else's Blogger dashboard layout changed?? It's driving me crazy...I have to post pictures and videos in this crazy, round-about way. Grrr...

Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend was a busy one! We had our craft night on Saturday night, but before craft night, a few of us headed up to Salt Lake to attend a session of General Conference. While watching Conference at home, in pj's, and eating snacks is always fun, it's a sweet experience to attend Conference at the Conference Center.
Easter Sunday morning, my holiday buddy-slash-roommate, Katie, and I made (an amazing!) breakfast and invited a few friends over to watch Conference. We fully intended on having an Easter egg hunt, but the 4 inches of snow kind of prevented that from happening! Boo. We might have an Easter egg hunt this weekend that weird?
(Like our bunny ears? We figured it was appropriate, with it being Easter and all..) It was a great Easter weekend. Hope yours was fantastic!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Conference Crafty-ness

While the boyz were at the Saturday night session of General Conference, my roommate and holiday buddy, Katie, and I decided to get crafty! (Katie and I are always the two roommates left over holiday weekends :) We found some way cute fabric belts, but didn't want to pay what the price tag* said, so we bought some cute fabric and decided to make the belts instead. A few hours later and one showing of My Girl, and our belts were done!

The flower material is from Amy Butler's new Love fabric...I love all the colors in it!

I haven't been brave enough to wear the belt in public just yet. I've just worn it around my house! Ha! I don't really feel like I know how to wear it! I think I need to get a cute dress and then this belt will be the perfect thing to dress it up a little...perfect for spring!

*ps: $20 in material will make about six belts, compared to one pre-made belt...DIY is the way to go! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Elder Holland :: Easter Thoughts on Christ

I love this short video (via MormonMessages on youtube)...a great end to a great Easter Sunday :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

we ♥ michael.

Yes, yes we do. Go see Michael Buble. I PROMISE you won't regret it!!!


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