Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Conference Crafty-ness

While the boyz were at the Saturday night session of General Conference, my roommate and holiday buddy, Katie, and I decided to get crafty! (Katie and I are always the two roommates left over holiday weekends :) We found some way cute fabric belts, but didn't want to pay what the price tag* said, so we bought some cute fabric and decided to make the belts instead. A few hours later and one showing of My Girl, and our belts were done!

The flower material is from Amy Butler's new Love fabric...I love all the colors in it!

I haven't been brave enough to wear the belt in public just yet. I've just worn it around my house! Ha! I don't really feel like I know how to wear it! I think I need to get a cute dress and then this belt will be the perfect thing to dress it up a little...perfect for spring!

*ps: $20 in material will make about six belts, compared to one pre-made belt...DIY is the way to go! :)


Nicole said...

That is so cute! I want you to make me one! I love Amy Butler's fabric too. When I buy it I want to buy enough to make a skirt a dress and a scarf all from the same fabric. I love it that much.

Birrell Family said...

Be Brave. It is very very cute!!!

Spencer and Erin said...

Love the belt!!!! so cute!!!! Can you make me one please?