Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend was a busy one! We had our craft night on Saturday night, but before craft night, a few of us headed up to Salt Lake to attend a session of General Conference. While watching Conference at home, in pj's, and eating snacks is always fun, it's a sweet experience to attend Conference at the Conference Center.
Easter Sunday morning, my holiday buddy-slash-roommate, Katie, and I made (an amazing!) breakfast and invited a few friends over to watch Conference. We fully intended on having an Easter egg hunt, but the 4 inches of snow kind of prevented that from happening! Boo. We might have an Easter egg hunt this weekend that weird?
(Like our bunny ears? We figured it was appropriate, with it being Easter and all..) It was a great Easter weekend. Hope yours was fantastic!


Megan said...

You know Lane!? Small world. Tell him hi for me! My husband and him use to be roommates at Raintree while they were at BYU. You should date. :)

Marissa said...

someone missed the guy in the white hat! Megan says, date Lane. I say, date Paul! :) Tell Paul, hi!