Sunday, June 19, 2011


Claire + iPad (watching Mickey and Minnie Mouse cartoons from the 1930s) + Minnie Mouse by her side = one happy two year old.

Go Cards!

I'm not particularly the biggest fan of baseball, but we (my family!) have loved cheering for the Cardinals the last few years. Love me a good Jib Jab! :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

18 on the 18th

image via Katie Daisy

That little thing we call patience gets me every time. Ai yi yi. I used to think when I was younger, that by the time I was done with school I'd be a total pro at that "p" word. Nope. I guess I'll just keep practicing!

Randoms for today:
1 • It's already the middle of June...I don't think a year has ever gone as fast as this year has!
2 • I'm kind of--ok really--excited that summer is finally here!
3 • Happy hour at Sonic starts in a few minutes. I think that means I'll be getting a UGE cherry limeade in a few minutes :)
4 • I had grand plans to go to Sundance and ride the ski lift at night this week under the full moon. Didn't happen.
5 • 5K on the 4th with sister Sarah Jane. I know it's just a 5K, but I'm kind of's been a while since I've been running, so we'll see how things go.
6 • Thoughts of Havasupai keep running through my mind. I'm going down with a few friends next month for a weekend and I'm so looking forward to it!
7 • This little 3-bun messy hair up-do thing has been a major time saver the last few weeks. Love it. Add a cute little headband and you're good to go.
8 • Taking a mini 3 week web design course at BYU starting next week. Dreamweaver has always been a mystery to me, but I'm ready to learn.
9 • Love the latest Martha Stewart Living magazine with all the red, white and blue. Excited for the 4th of July!
10 • Redesigning this little blog of mine is my next big project. As soon as that web design class is over, this blog is getting overhauled!
11 • Can't get enough of Pinterest. Love. Genius. Can't get enough. If you haven't signed up yet, do it. If you need an invite, let me know and I'll send one your way!
12 • Floral Lane is one of the newest collections I worked on, and is one of my faves to date! The images on the website don't do the paper justice--it's printed on a textured cardstock paper--it's amazing! Check it out and get some in your little hands.
13 • I thought I could handle a stuffy nose for a few days, thinking it was just allergies. Nope--fully on nasal infection. Gross.
14 • A friend came over the other night to help me with a project, and he pulled out my sketchbook to take some notes. He couldn't stop laughing when he flipped through the pages and simply said, "You think in totally different terms than I do." I like to think that he's just weird :)
15 • Strawberry Days rodeo tonight! Best part: Strawberries and cream. Delicious.
16 • Pinterest, pinterest, pinterest! I'm telling you, it's amazing.
17 • Father's Day is tomorrow, which means we'll have a 4-way Skype home to chat with Daddy-o. Just wishing that Marsh could join in the fun!
18 • Decisions determine destiny. Love this little article from 1979. "When the time for decisions arrives, the time for preparation has already passed." So true.

Happy, happy sunny Saturday.

Monday, June 6, 2011

DIY: Fabric Necklace

photo via cakies

Ever stumble on one of those blogs that you instantly fall in love with and wonder how you didn't know about it til just now? Cakies is sure to be a new fave of mine...I found her blog via a DIY fabric necklace pin on Pinterest (the tutorial here). I was totally hooked when I saw that she uses outdoor patio furniture inside:When I was back East, we stayed at my aunt's home and she refinished some old patio furniture and used it in her family room. I've wanted to refinish some furniture ever since then and bring the outdoors inside. Love, love, love how it's used in Cakies' family room and kitchen!

Anyways, I think I'll be making a few of these cute necklaces this weekend. Good way to use up scraps, and a perfect way to add a little extra color!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Happy Saturday morning! My morning started kinda early for a Saturday (like 5:30 early) with a migraine, so I took some meds, went back to sleep, and started my Saturday over sans migraine. I love meds :) Forecast for today: sunny and nearly 80°!! I think it might be the best day so far in 2011. Lots to get done today, so I'm hoping I can enjoy the sunshine at least for a few minutes today.

Last trip home to St Louis was kind of bittersweet. Littlest sis, Sarah, graduated. No more high school graduations--yay! No more trips to Edwardsville--sad. For the last 6+ years, St Louis has been "home" for me, even though I never really lived there. The motto in our family is "the plan is, the plan will change." I wish I were good with change--I'm really good with change when others are involved in whatever is changing, but sometimes going through change solo is kind of hard. But that's ok! Life is supposed to be an adventure, right?

So the funny thing with my parents moving to Houston is this: I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say now when I'm asked where I'm from! Is my hometown where mom and dad currently reside? Where we've lived the longest? What state we've lived in longest? Where I graduated high school? (I went to three high schools, so that's kind of a trick question :) I've been in Provo for going on 4 years now, so am I from Provo now? Input, please.

Life is good, it's sunny out, and it's Saturday. Best day ever.