Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Favorite Cousin!

It's true...I'm officially the favorite cousin. Atleast that's what Traci told me last night! Sorry Katie...Joe is Traci's second favorite cousin because he can make animal noises! I'm not sure where exactly you fit in line now as being one of Traci's favorite cousins. (Traci is my cousin Matt and Jen's 6 year old daughter.) After dinner at Trish and Cliff's house, Traci came and had a little sleepover at my apartment! We went and got a couple of decorations for my little Christmas tree, made some brownies, watched Hairspray, played with Polly Pocket, had brownies and ice cream, watched the news and danced to Christmas music! I don't think we could have packed much else in last night!

The last time that Traci stayed with us, we made a little bed for her right next to mine on the floor. Assuming this would be ok with Traci to sleep there again, we got all the same blankets out and got her bed all made up. But it wasn't. Earlier when we had been watching the news, there was a story about a little girl in Iraq who had been bit by a scorpion and died because of the bite. Apparently this story hit a little too close to home for Traci. Traci did not want to sleep on the floor because a scorpion could get her down there. The only way that Traci felt safe was by being on the bed with the two of us, plus 5 pillows and 6 blankets all piled on my bed last night. Classic sleepover.

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