Sunday, November 1, 2009


Such a great weekend! Friday we all got dressed up and headed out for the night--Stake Halloween activity and a Halloween party that our friends were throwing. Good times! No pics...I know, lame.

Saturday morning we had a birthday breakfast for Matt at Callie's Cafe! Watch out...their waitresses have questionable side jobs and are willing to give you a little sneak peek on your birthday! It made for some good laughs! (Counter-clockwise: Dane, Britt, Jared, Ashley, Pat, Paul, me, Matt.)

Saturday afternoon, we were invited to go up to Stew's family's place to go shooting and spend some time at his home. We had a total blast! It was Michelle's first time and she did awesome! It was a beautiful day to go--not too cold, not too hot until the sun went down. We shot clay pigeons and we also took all of our carved fun! Britt made a couple of bulls upset...they weren't too happy with us being on their property! I had a good day shooting--I beat the boys in our little competition! (Dad says it's not such a good thing to beat boys at things like this...not a good way to get a husband. I don't know if I completely agree...I've gotta keep 'em in their place! :) Haha!)

(Left to right: Brandon, me, Josh, Stew, Britt and Michelle)

It's been a great weekend! Good to relax a little before a busy week. Mom's coming in on Tuesday for (pretty much) the month of November. We have lots to do! Little Claire turns one on Tuesday, too...I can't believe she'll be a year already! Last week I got rear-ended, so my car will be in the shop this week. Boo.

I'm starting to feel anxious for the holidays now that Halloween is out of the way! (I like Halloween, but it's definitely not my fave!) I hope to find time to enjoy the season and not rush through it! I have a feeling that Christmas music will start playing soon and I have mixed feelings about that one...I'm trying to decide when I want to break out the Christmas CDs in my car...maybe in a few weeks!


Karen said...

For me the holiday season starts the day after halloween. I love thanksgiving so I don't overlook it, but it is apart of the holiday season for me. Christmas music starts now in my household. The tree can wait to go up after thanksgiving but as far as I'm concerned it's Holiday time. Yay!! Glad you had a fun weekend by the way and it will be so fun to have your mom in town and celebrate your niece's birthday!

Britt said...

Why do you have to blame me for getting the bulls mad..... it's the snakeskin shoes, isn't it!!! :)

Luke and Marissa said...

Why hello, Paul Dean!

Your weekend sounds like fun. I also am debating the whole Christmas music thing. Last year, I decorated for Christmas on Nov 1. This year, since we live in FL, I still feel like it is summer so I haven't been able to get into the whole holiday thing quite yet. Maybe I'll do the same and start playing Christmas music in a few weeks.

Christy Gunnell said...

Stay strong, don't play the Christmas music until after Thanksgiving! Each holiday needs its time to shine!! This is a constant debate in our house, and I vow to continue surpressing Chase's urges to play Christmas music until there's turkey in my tummy.