Monday, October 15, 2007

Another Get-Together!

We had a little "Bellingham" get-together last night at Mica and Mike's fun to see friends from Washington! Joe kind of fits in as if he were a "Bellingham-ite" because he practically knew everyone there through some weird connection! Crazy connections! We snapped this shot as we were leaving...thank goodness for self-timer! Left to right: Pete, Joe and Katie, me, Mica and Mike!


Rachel and Chad said...

Lindsay!! hey this is another bellinghamite:) how are you? i found you through what are you up to? in utah?? fill me in k?


Porter Family said... have been tagged. Proceed according to the directions given you on my blog. What do you think about my cousin, Brad?? Seriously, let me know...

Chandice said...

How fun to get-together with friends. Wow, I haven't seen Mike since...freshman year- tell him I say "hi" if he remembers me. Ha, that was funny running into him at BYU and him knowing you! I miss you!