Saturday, February 16, 2008

Back from Anaheim...already!!

I can't believe I'm already back from Anaheim! It went waaay too fast! After a few delays at the Long Beach airport and a major storm in Utah, we finally made it home at about 3 am Thursday morning! Needless to say, we were all totally worn out and ready for our own beds! Overall, the show went pretty well for us! It was fun walking the show and seeing what other companies were doing and some of their newest products.

One of the sweet features on my new camera is the panoramic take three pictures and it stitches them all together! It's not quite perfect, but it gets pretty close! Here's an idea of what our booth looked like from beginning to end:

Josh had some fun with the panoramic feature:

Vanna White was also there! Apparently she's the official spokesperson for some yarn company and she has her own yarn line...who knew!

Ashlee and I got some FREE dippin' dots during some down about an instant brain freeze!

Josh and Bonnie walking back to our hotel after a looooong day!

At Bandera's in Corona Del Mar...soooo good!!

On Saturday night, I was able to meet up with Chandice and her husband Cam and also Leslie and her husband David! We headed over to Downtown Disney and had fun catching up!

The Girls! Julie, Ashlee and I shared a room at the hotel...we definitely had fun at the show! One night, we took a taxi down to the grocery store to get some food, and we walked by the card aisle and I found this card that I thought was funny! I thought the bird was awkwardly cute!

My friend Natalie from school got hired by a scrapbook company two days before the show and was able to come out to Anaheim with them! It's fun having friends in the industry!

It was a fun trip...I think I might need to take another trip down there this summer and enjoy the sunshine and the beach! It was such beautiful weather while we were there, but we were inside all day, so we didn't get to enjoy it too let me know if you want to go on a road trip this summer!!


LizzyHouse said...

girl! That is awesome! What company are you working for and are you designing? I would love to see the stuff that you are doing. My first line of fabric comes out this fall for market and should be available by the end of the year! We are all doing what we said we would and that is a really great thing.

Josh and Gnickie said...

It looks like you are really enjoying your job. I wish I could have gone to Disney.

Well, We sure missing being around you. Hope everything is going well.

Porter Family said...

All those pictures make me want to throw some crackers on the floor for my kids and lock myself up in my room and scrapbook!! I love the duck in high heels...interesting. Miss ya!