Friday, April 18, 2008

Tagged...Again! :)

I was tagged by my friend, Steph, who herself was really excited to get tagged because she had never been tagged before! :) I haven't been tagged with this one before, so here's my little response! Also, I usually like to have a picture to go along with each post, but I couldn't decide on a pic that would work for this post, so I'm counting my new blog header as a pic! Like it??

Four Jobs I've Had:
1. Pebbles Inc (designer!)
2. BYU-Idaho Activities Communications (designer!)
3. Student Instructor (taught computer skills for an intro to graphic design course at BYUI) 
4. Melaleuca (customer service rep)

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
(I don't usually watch movies more than once, but there are a few I really love!)
1. Beaches (totally makes me cry *without fail* every time!
2. Devil Wears Prada (love it!)
3. Napoleon Dynamite 
4. Patch Adams

Four Places I Have Lived:
(I think I'll list *all* the places I've lived for this one, starting with the most recent!)
1. Provo, Utah
2. Orem, Utah ( to Provo, but still...)
3. Rexburg, Idaho (for school!)
3.5. Nauvoo, Illinois (for a semester!)
4. Edwardsville, Illinois (for a summer)
5. Danville, California
6. Bellingham, Washington
7. Danville, California (yes, again)
8. Orange, California
9. Santa Maria, California
10. Westminster, California

Four TV Shows I Love:
1. PROJECT RUNWAY (no question...all time favorite!)
2. American Idol (who's your favorite this season??)
3. The Office (Jim and Pam are getting engaged!!)
4. Oprah (I'm usually still at work when it's on...and I like her shows most of the time...sometimes she has interesting ideas on things)

Four of my Favorite Foods:
1. Sunday dinner (roast, mashed potatoes and asparagus!!)
2. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins
3. Lasagna
4. Chips and homemade guacamole with NO tomatoes in it!

Four Sites I Visit Daily:
1. design*sponge (without. fail. every. single. day.)
2. print & pattern (after I check design*sponge!)
3. Gmail (love this email!)
4. etsy (I'm always looking here for ideas!)

Four Places I Have Vacationed:
1. New York City
2. Caribbean
3. Hawaii
4. Yellowstone

Four Things I Did Today
(My little cousin Traci is spending the night tonight, so here's a list of what we're doing while she's here!)
1. Get some dinner
2. Pedicures
3. Make a music video
4. Watch our music video!

Four Things I Plan To Do This Week
1. Balance check book
2. Get some packages in the mail
3. Put winter clothes away!
4. Plant some flowers for my porch!

Ta Da! Done! I'll post more this's going to be busy! I'm speaking in Church on Sunday, so I've gotta get all my thoughts figured out on paper! 

Also, St. Louis had a 5.2 earthquake this morning...everything is fine with my family, and it didn't keep my mom from playing tennis this morning! :) 

Happy Friday! 

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Chandice said...

i heard about that earthquake and immediately thought of your family. i'm glad they're ok. for american idol michael johns was my favorite but he got voted off! who's your favorite and what was your talk about? miss you.