Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Weekend!

Marshall and I looked over at one point during the Sunday afternoon session of General Conference and found Chris, his roommate Aaron, Katie and Joe all asleep! We thought it was pretty funny!

Some highlights from Conference:
• President Monson announcing 5 new temples, including one in Rome, Italy!
• Elder Perry's talk on the benefits of a simplified lifestyle
• President Uchtdorf's message of how hope, faith and charity work together (hope strengthens faith and leads to charity)
• Elder Holland: angels, whether seen or unseen, are always near
• Elder Wirthlin's story about his daughter and the blind date
• President Eyring: we must be unified; the Lord wishes that we become one, and as we do this, we will be blessed.
• Elder Hales: we must respond to those who criticize us in a Christ-like way; conversations should be marked with the fruits of the Spirit
• President Monson: there is no tomorrow to remember if we don't do something today; distinguish between what is and what isn't important; what is most important often involves those around us--we must show them that we love them; what would you say if you only had 25 words to use?; find joy in the journey


Porter Family said...

Wow...falling asleep on the floor is pretty amazing. I can understand snoozing when you're sitting in a luv sac, and when you're pregnant and you just never sleep anyways. Kudos to you and Marshall for staying awake and setting the good example for your siblings. :) We missed you here! Can't wait for Christmas!

C World said...

i'm glad you and marshall are the "blessed" children in your family for staying awake! :) i loved conference sooo much too that i wished i was in utah to "feel" the excitement...i miss that!

Josh and Gnickie said...

so sneeky catching people in the act of sleeping.

Looks like everyone had a pretty good Conference Weekend. I wish Josh and I could have been there.

Amanda said...

Loved conference! Crazy when you are a kid you think conference "this goes on forever" but now that I'm old I always feel like "it's over already?" Loved seeing all of you last night! That was a lot of fun! And those were great ginger snaps--wish I had some now!

Britt said...

Oh Linds.... I'm glad that you got more out of conference than I did. Here are a few of my highlights:

President Monson: "we are announcing 5 new temples- they will be in The greater Kansas City area, Philadelphia, ..., ..., and 'Alexa put those scissors down - don't cut your hair!!!' "
President Eyring: "We need to be unified...'Hey guys quit stuffing chalk down each others' mouths!!' "
Elder Holland: "Angels are sent from a loving Heavenly Father....' (this is Alexa) Brittany, my new name is baby elephant. If you don't talk to me like an elephant from now on, I won't understand you" Then she pushes the baby over and I tell her to stop and she says to me, "I don't understand you, I'm a baby elephant" So much for paying attention to conference!

Needless to say, I am excited for the Ensign to come out!!!! Love Ya!! :)

Birrell Family said...

Looks like General Conference is alive and well. I have to be working on some kind of a project or I would have join the sleeping too. I like your highlights... they are good reminders for all of us!