Thursday, July 2, 2009

Loved This Story

Found this article last night on the world wide web and thought it was so telling of the times that we live in! I kind of had to laugh to myself a little bit after reading the article. My favorite part of the story was when the boy realized after 3 days of using the walkman, he could take the tape out and play the music that was on the other side!

I remember the days that I'd sit in front of my radio and wait for a song to come on and hope that I pressed "record" and "play" at just the right time so I'd have the song recorded on my cassette tape. I'd be really lucky to get 15 songs on one side of the tape, but I usually ended up with about 10-12 songs per side. Those were the days!
I had to snap a pic of the two iPods that I have. The silver one is an original iPod mini, complete with a black and white screen! I just got my little iPod shuffle for running and I love it! The funny thing is, is that the shuffle is probably a fifth of the size, but holds twice as much as the mini. The shuffle can hold like 100 times what a cassette tape could! Funny to think about how technology changes!

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Mireille said...

oh maaaaaaaaaan
the "record and play" time!! =)
remember that SOOO well!!! =)

in holland there was this top 40 - friday afternoon.. and I sat there with the playlist in print.. "Time is everything!"