Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I think of everyone in my family, I was most excited that my sister Katie and her little family stayed in Provo for the summer! The last two summers, Katie has called Washington DC her home and I was kind of dreading her taking off again this summer for several reasons, but couldn't have been more excited when they made their decision to stay!

We had a wedding reception at my parent's home one of the nights that we were home a few weeks back. All the furniture was cleared out of the living room and family room, and (when we probably should've been cleaning,) Katie and I found ourselves down on the hardwood floor laughing about nothing in particular and taking crazy pictures. I have loved the time we've been able to spend together this summer!

And one more Katie story: I came home last night after seeing "UP" and found a plate full of *amazing* brownies left on my desk from Katie! It was the perfect way to end my Monday night. Everyone needs a Katie in their life!


Katie H. said...

That's what I always say!!

And I Think to Myself.....What a Wonderful World! said...

That is the cutest darn picture I have ever ever seen of 2 sisters! and the words you wrote from your Heart Lindsay were even better!
I have loved seeing the two of you grow up together and the love you share is just incredible!
Makes me wish I had one more girl so Emily could have a sister!
You both are great examples of Sisterly LOVE at its BEST!