Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Headed to...

• 4th largest city in the U.S. of A.
• population: 2.3 million peeps
• 6th largest metropolitan area
• classified as "humid subtropical" and known as "the most air-conditioned place on earth"
• international headquarters of ConocoPhillips
• 3rd largest skyline in North America, one of the top 10 in the world
• Residents eat out more in this city than in any other US city--with more than 11,000 restaurants
• the 17-block theater district is second only to NYC

...any guesses where? I'm trying to pack and get things together for a super quick trip to Houston where I'll meet up with my mom and head to a quilt show! Slightly excited! Yay for weekend trips!

Any MUST DO'S while in Houston for 48 hours??


Kelli Nicole said...

Haha, I live in Houston. Since they eat out here so much it's no surprise that this is one of the fattest cities too! Also, bad drivers. My sweet, mild roommate never had road rage until she moved to Houston...

If you REALLY like bbq I suppose you could go here (I think Rudy's is supposed to be the best), but I don't like it. I LOVE Pappadeaux (Cajun food, they have alligator). I also love Maggiano's (Italian). There's Pappasito's (Mexican) and the Chocolate bar (no explanation needed).

We have a lot of museums (Natural Science museum has a pirate exhibit right now).

The Galleria is a HUGE mall (though they lack enough maps, so see if you can print one off ahead of time if you go). I live about 1/2 mile from it and I can find just about ANY store within a 1 mile radius. The Woodlands mall is pretty as is Uptown Park. We have tons of frozen yogurt and cupcake shops (Sprinkles is my fav, and if you follow them on twitter you can get a free one almost every day).

You can go to Brazos Bend and see alligators...There's NASA, but that's definitely a whole day event and it sounds like you wouldn't have time.

Hermann Park is cool (and there's a zoo). Also, Houston has more antique stores than you've probably ever seen in your life.

You can check out the Hobby Center for current shows (I saw Wicked there in the summer and I know Hairspray was there recently too).

Have fun!

LinnieBell said...

Kelly--I've heard of that pappadexu's place before...a few people have recommended it! Is it a chain or just one location? I'm wishing I had more time here this weekend, but my parents will be moving to houston in the spring, so I have a feeling I'll find myself in houston more often! Where in houston are you living/which ward do you go to? I have a good friend from st louis who is living in houston that we're staying with. I'm kind of excited to explore a new city! :)

Good to hear from you! :)

Kelli Nicole said...

Haha, Beth just told me that you're staying with her. So funny! I'm in her ward. Pappadeaux's has several locations, so you should be able to find one that's not too far.

Muffin said...

Hey Lins,
It was good hearing from you. We should have another design get together. How does the beginning of Dec. look? Sarah Boyer is moving out of town soon, we should try and do it before then huh?


Have a great turkey day!