Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tea for Two

{Claire having a tea party with Pet Wock}

Claire is obsessed with rocks. A walk or bike ride is not complete until she's picked up at least a pocket-full of rocks.

I saw these little pet rocks while doing a little online shopping, and knew it'd be a hit with Claire. Sure enough, she fell in love as soon as figured out how pet rocks work. Claire and Pet Wock (or Pet for short...and still working on that hard "r" sound) have quickly become BFFs. Pet likes to sleep, have tea parties, go for car rides, eat cereal, sleep, watch Dora and Diego, jump on the trampoline, sleep, play with toys, read books, and we learned tonight that Pet likes to eat carrots.

Spending time with this girl is always the highlight of my day. I don't think I left Katie's house tonight until after Claire said "I luff you wiff awl my hawt" ten times! Good times.

I love my little BFF.


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So cute!

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