Saturday, June 21, 2008

Andrea's Bridal Shower!

It's been a crazy-busy week, but somehow we found time to throw a bridal shower for our roommate - Andrea - who's getting married on July 26th in Rexburg! We had fun mingling, playing games, and eating good food! Our other roommate, Christy, is getting married next week! Love is in the air!

Camera update: I got it all ready to send to get fixed and decided I should try turning it on one more time to see if it'd work...don't turned on and was back to normal. I don't get it.


Beth said...

Why do you have such camera problems? What is wrong with you?! (jk!) How are things going?

C World said...

a fun bridal shower always starts with ADORABLE invitations! you're so talented! what's the deal with your camera?

Weston and Karen said...

So is that Nauvoo amy in your pictures? It's so fun to see her on your blog. Looks like a fun bridal shower.

Katharine said...


Check this website out! I think it would interest you if you have not already seen it! you should submit some of your designs!

Can't wait to see you in utah!