Thursday, June 12, 2008

100 Posts!

Finally!! A new post! I'm kind of getting tired of looking at my birthday post! :) Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!

This is also a "historic" post for this blog...this is my 100th entry! Yay for me! I think it's time to have another give-away...what do you think? Any ideas for a give-away?? (Side note to Marissa--don't worry--your little Easter Candy Give Away Prize is still in my car ready to be put in the mail! I promise I'll send it off this weekend!!)

The last few weeks have been totally crazy busy, but so fun at the same time! One of the highlights: Channy was here this past weekend!!! We kicked the weekend off at Temple Square and saw the Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was so fun seeing this amazing movie together! Our freshman year, we were able to spend a semester in Nauvoo together, so seeing this moving together brought back so many fun memories! We spent the rest of the weekend shopping, eating yummy food, visiting with Channy's sweet 94-year-old grandmother, spending time at Channy's-in-law's house in Midway, playing with a BB gun, watching movies, episodes from this last season of American Idol and and just enjoying each other's company! (Thanks Channy for the picture!)

It's been a busy few weeks with side projects...we're having a bridal shower for one of my roommates next week, so I did up some quick bridal shower announcements:
We've also been working on her wedding announcements...hopefully they'll be done soon! I've been working on a couple other projects on the side, so I'll keep you updated on those as they start coming together! Oh--and sorry about the very yellow camera picture of the shower announcements! Don't worry, my sweet *NEW* camera, yes, THIS one, died on me. Mom just laughed at me when I told her...she's very aware of my struggles with electronic devices! I seem to have the worst luck with things like cameras! Thankfully, this camera is still under warranty and will soon be on it's way to get fixed!

One last thing...I really want to take a letterpress or calligraphy class this summer. If anyone knows anyone in the Provo area that's kinda crafty, let me know! I need a fun summer activity!!

Happy Friday-the-Thirteenth (tomorrow)! Ah!


Natalie Ormond said...

I really want to take a letterpress or printmaking or calligraphy class too! I need to do something else then design scrapbook stuff.

Amy said...

I am so impressed with your skills ;) Hey I am going to be in Orem/Provo area from the 19th to the 24th. If you have anytime I would love to see ya! Let me know!


LinnieBell said...

Nat--I think UofU has a printmaking class that Danielle took a couple summers was only like once a week in the evenings. We should look into it!!

C World said...

i feel so special to be on your 100th post! bummer about the camera, but hopefully you'll get it fixed! miss ya!