Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Yay for being 24!! It was a fun day compete with brownies, ice cream, candles, pizza and American Idol! My 23rd year was a good year! Here it is in review:

On my 23rd birthday, my mom and I were in New York City for a tradeshow! We had so much fun seeing as much as we could in the few days that we were there! Some highlights: Surtex and the National Stationery Show, my birthday dinner at Chocolate By The Bald Man (chocolate restaurant!), conquering the subway system, going to a taping of Good Morning America, Mamma Mia!, shopping, good food and good friends!

June/July: Moved to Utah, started a new job, went on a road trip with Erin and Spencer to Rexburg for 4th of July, took Erin and Spencer's engagement pictures!

August: Katie and Joe's wedding!

September: Erin's wedding!

October: Road trip with Katie and Joe down to New Mexico for our cousin's wedding!

Oh...and a crazy Halloween! We dressed up at work and then later, Jac and I went to Salt Lake with some friends! Fun night!

November: Thanksgiving with the Otis pilgrims!

December: Christmas at home! Highlights: Christmas pajamas, Dad's crazy karaoke night, seeing WICKED as a family!

January: Moved into new apartment in Provo! (Sorry, no pics!)
February: CHA in Anaheim! Highlights: beautiful weather, meeting up with Channy and Leslie at Downtown Disney, seeing Natalie at the show!

March: Designer get-together with friends from school! Four of us girls are designers at scrapbook!!

April: General Conference! We sustained a new First Presidency...what a beautiful experience!

May: Mom came for a visit, had a quick trip to DC, I turned 24, and David Cook won American Idol!!! I got an early birthday present while mom was here: a shiny new red bike! As soon as the weather figures out that it's summer, I'll be riding my bike to work! My roommate Andrea and I have gone for a few fun rides around town and up to Bridal Veil Falls! On my birthday, we had a birthday party at work complete with brownies, vanilla ice cream and homemade hot fudge! So good! Later, we had pizza, watched American Idol and got some Sub Zero ice cream! Fun birthday!

What a good year! Here's to another good one! :)


Weston and Karen said...

Happy Birthday!!! Your post was so cute. I was glad to hear what you've been up to the last year.

The Grahams said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I was thinking of you on your special day! I will never forget when it is since you are only 2 days younger than my brother! Glad to see what a fun year you've had!

Luke and Marissa said...

I am such a good friend to remember to call you on your birthday! I wish I had a friend like me:) Happy Birthday! I thought your post was creative. I would never remember what happened over the past year. I should start writing in a my journal.
By the way...Luke has suddenly got into biking and has been riding his bike everywhere! He is really into it.

Natalie Ormond said...

Happy Birthday again! It sounds like you had a very eventful year!

And is that a shiny new Mac on your desk?

C World said...

horray for turning 24! you've had a busy and fun year! you look really cute in yellow! miss ya!

Porter Family said...

I already wished you Happy birthday on your last post (ahem, I was the first one, don't forget:)) but seriously, that is way too many weddings in one year.

Crystal said...

Ahhhhh Happy Birthday!!! You are adorable what can I say! We should have sung to you on Sunday! I didn't even know you should have said something! We love you!!! Don't worry we will sing to you too!

Ashley Clark said...

What a cool synopsis of your year. Happy Belated Birthday!

Joseph and Katie said...

yessss..... jeana on the phone in the background. that made me laugh.

Beth said...

I'm here!!! I made it!!! I got on all my flights and didn't lose any luggage. Anyway, it's beautiful here. My room is on the 6th floor of an apt. building that's up on a hill, so it overlooks houses, hills, and the ocean! I think I'm in heaven. Anyway, the family I'm staying with has a Vonage phone and I can use it whenever. Will give you a call sometime! PS: Half of the instructions on the blogger website are in Japanese...funny!

Megan said...

Glad you found my blog! I got married on your birthday so I think it's an absolutely fabulous day. Yeah Indiana is a tad different than California but that's life. Love the pic with you and Chan and Leslie. I was a big Idol fan this year too. I liked Cook and Archie. So good hearing from ya.

Luke and Marissa said... get online coupons from there. I actually don't use that site very often...but there are coupons there too! I am abouts to go to the store right now and get a bunch of free things. I'll have to blog about it when I get back...and I shall.