Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Playing Catchup!

It's been a busy two weeks! Mom got into town on the 30th and things were busy the whole time she was here! Last Monday we met up for dinner with two of Mom's cousins, Ann and Janice. It was fun meeting extended family and putting faces with names!

Between picking up and dropping mom and friends off at the airport, I think I've made six trips to the airport in the last week and a half! On Wednesday, I went to DC for a quick trip for work and quickly figured out how the Metro works over there! I was hoping to meet up with Katie for dinner, but rush hour lasts a *little* longer than an hour in DC! Oh well!

My cousins have been packing their house up to move, so on Saturday, I took their twins to Bridal Veil Falls for a picnic to get them out of the house! I pass by this cute old farm house to get to their house...I love it!

The twins and I had fun throwing rocks into the river and having a little picnic! There's never a dull moment when the twins are around! It's so fun watching them play together!


Porter Family said...

Man, you are all over the place! Your mom told me about her TGIF sign tonight. I LOVE IT!

Weston and Karen said...

Ok those little twins are soooo cute!!!