Thursday, May 15, 2008

*Oldify* Your Photos!

I came across this sweet little website the other "oldifies" your photos! The site is in Japanese-making it nearly impossible to understand what exactly you're doing!-but all you have to do is upload a photo, press the blue button, wait a few seconds and then it'll turn your photo into a low-res image that looks like it's 100 years old! I've been playing around on it for the last hour trying different pictures! Click HERE to check it out!


The Grahams said...

That is really neat! Looks like you had a ton of fun the past two weeks! i am jealous you got to see your mom and my mom! lucky! :)

Porter Family said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow!!! I wanted to be the first one to tell you. :)

Natalie Ormond said...

This is really cool! and Im glad you like the new Josh and Natalie blog. And yes I'm going to CHA Chicago. Its going to be fun! We will have to try and get together.