Sunday, August 17, 2008

Catch Up!

It's been a busy couple of weeks!

My good friend, Beth, came to visit two weeks ago! Beth's currently in Houston, but we met a couple summers ago when I was at home in Edwardsville--I was getting ready to finish my last year at school and she was getting ready to finish her last year of her master's degree! We pretty much did everything together that summer! Anyways, while she was here, my friend, Ashley, came down from Bountiful one afternoon so we could float down the Provo river! I don't think I've ever been in such cold water for so long! About halfway down the river, the winds picked up, the sun hid behind the clouds, there were a couple rumbles of thunder and it started sprinkling on us...needless to say, I was a *little* anxious to get out of the river. After a few major bumps along the way, we finally made it out. My backside is still showing some of the battle wounds...Anyways, this picture is from a couple summers ago when Ash came out to visit, and the three of us--Beth, Ashley and me--went to a Cardinals game...a game that the Cards lost because Beth was in attendance! :)

This last week, Gnickie and Josh were in town and we were able to meet up for dinner! Gnickie and I were in the same ward my sophomore year at school and we were roommates my junior year. It's never a dull moment when G-Nick and Josh are around! Rumor has it that they'll be back in Utah after Josh is done with school......wait, I might have just started a rumor....

Marshall and Dad are making their way out west this coming weekend and I'm so excited! Channy and fam are also making their way out here this week, too! It's hard to believe that summer is nearly over, but I'm excited for's going to be fun!

Can you tell we're sibblings??


Josh and Gnickie said...

Yeah that's a rumor. You know I can't handle the snow. But it would be nice to be around you again. Maybe you should just move to Alabama

Mom and Sarah said...'re both just too cute. He's going to be in your care in about a week. Hope you can keep up! Mamacita