Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Plans... watch THESE and begin working on my end of summer/beginning of fall project:

I've loved Heather Bailey's fabric since the first time I saw it! I've been gathering my fabric for the last month or so (THANKS Brenda!!!) and I've finally figured out what I want this quilt to look like. I'll post pictures as it starts to take shape!

The Olympics have been incredible so far! I love hearing the inspiring stories on how different athletes made their way to the Olympics. I love that Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals. I love that Dara Torres is old enough to be the mother of some of the other women she swims against...and that she won a silver medal at age 41. I love that Trampoline is an official Olympic sport...and Handball. I love hearing about the drama and I love that we still have another week to watch. I love the Olympics!


Kathleen said...

Hi Lindsay!
I love seeing your fabric for the quilt you are making! how neat is that!!

keep us updated, i cant wait to see it.

Katie Rivera

Weston and Karen said...

I completly agree with you about the olympics! I love them too and am now in training to be a trampolinist! I will be in London 2012 and they will be announcing my name. And They will have to do a great story on me. Husband quit job so that Karen could train. She has 2 children and was inspired by the 2008 games

Seth and Megan said...

Oooo, I want to see the final product of your quilt, what a fun project!

Park 5th Ward Sisters said...

OKAY! You need to come up and help me with mine! I LOVE the fabric! You are making me so excited to quilt!

Amanda said...

Sorry! That was from me--I was logged into my other account! So I'm not just Amanda--I am a park 5th ward sister, too!

Mom and Sarah said...

It's going to be oh, so cute! Mamacita