Sunday, February 15, 2009


01. My name is spelled l-i-n-d-s-A-y (the correct way). My mom's name is Lisa, and my name uses all the letters from her name, hence the "a" rather than an "e."
02. Cinnamon Life Cereal is the best cereal ever.
03. I love all things vintage and antiquing is the best Saturday afternoon activity. I inherited this love of antiques from my mom and her sisters.
04. I'd be completely lost without my phone. Pre-cell phone days, I had everyone's phone number memorized. I got my first cell phone as a junior in college and couldn't have been more grateful for it! Erin's phone number is the only number I have memorized. I don't know my parent's home number!
05. I attended 3 high schools: El Modena (Orange), San Ramon Valley (Danville) and Sehome (Bellingham). High School was not my fave; college was much better.
06. My Grandma Bowerman always had orange tic tacs. She would always have a pack just for me, and I'd tell my younger siblings I couldn't share with them because they were "special pills and were only for me." Worked like a charm.
07. I am definitely a morning person and not so much a night owl.
08. I work for a scrapbook company, but have no scrapbook skillz. People assume I have the most amazing scrapbooks, and when asked about them, I tell them, "Oh, you have no idea..."
09. I love getting snail mail...and even better than getting snail mail is sending snail mail. Handwritten notes are the best.
10. Sunrises are amazing. I think what makes them even more beautiful than a sunset is that it takes a little more effort to see a sunrise.
11. My dad is the funniest person I know. Don't believe me? Check out his blog. Even during his health scare a couple months ago, he found things to laugh about. I have a thing or two to learn from him! :)
12. I love thunderstorms, especially midwest thunderstorms. The night before Katie and Joe got married in Nauvoo, there was a huge UGE thunderstorm and I thought it was actually kind of romantic! :)
13. Linnie Bell was my great-grandmother's name. I only met her once before she passed away. Could a name be any sweeter?
14. One of my favorite TV shows is Antique Roadshow. I'm actually watching it right now! Project Runway is another fave. Tim Gunn reminds me of one of my design profs at school.
15. I listed all of my roommates I've had over the years the other night, and I've lived with over 50 girls!
16. I love classical music and I love listening to it on long drives.
17. I get 'nervous neck' around certain people. Enough about that.
18. Sandals are better than shoes.
19. I got a bus ticket in 2nd grade for twisting a boy's arm. He told me I couldn't hurt him; I told him I could. I grabbed his arm and twisted it until he cried. Oops.
20. Of all the places I've lived, Bellingham was my most favorite.
21. I love the piano. Mom got a beautiful Mason Hamlin baby grand a few years ago, and I love playing it when I'm home.
22. Home really is where my mom is! When I'm asked where I'm from, St. Louis is the easiest answer, simply because that's where my parents currently live. I'm kind of a homebody and wish my parents (and Sarah!) lived closer! Four of the five Bowerman kiddos are now living in Utah.
23. I recently inherited my mom's Bernina sewing machine and I LOVE it!
24. Tulips and hydrangeas are my favorite flowers. I'm tempted to go to the Tulip Festival this spring.
25. I'll be 25 in May and I'm really excited about it! Perhaps I'll make a trip down to Disneyland for my birthday this year and get in free! Anyone want to go??


C World said...

a definite YES on coming to dland for your birthday! i'll put it in my calendar right now! :)
xoxo for the v-day card!

Jeff and Stacey said...

#19.. probably the funniest thing I've heard all day!
#20... heck ya! You know that's because I was there!!!
#9... Thanks for the Valentine's day card!!
#24... If you are talking about the one in Mt Vernon I will meet you there!!!!!

" I Love My Life!" said...

we got Claire's ValenTine is precious!
You are so unique LindsAy!!
you have a special gift of humor, i see you get that from your Dad!
It was such fun having your family here in Orange,.I miss you guys.
Hey...Tell Christopher Hi for me!
if you come to Orange on your birthday please let me know, i would love to see you.
Katie R

Weston and Karen said...

Loved that post. Defenitly learned some funny things about you. Was I included in that 50+ even though I lived with you for about 2 weeks that one summer in Tuscany? I'm so glad you showed that little twerp on the bus who's who.

Mom and Sarah said...

Oh, the things you can learn about your kids by reading their blogs. I think you're pretty funny Linz, and you make me laugh. Don't anybody laugh at my thinking for spelling LindsAy's name the way I did. You really were good at scrapbooks...way back when! Lots better than I was...
Love you, Mamabear