Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dreaming of Spring

(Photo from Kristybee)

I decided this morning that I am ready for spring and summer to be here! I'm thinking this print would bring a welcome touch of spring to my room. These shades of antique pinks and creams get me in trouble every time...I just love them!


p.s. I'm really serious about wanting to send *you* a valentine! Really, don't be shy about leaving your address! :) And who doesn't love to get mail?


Ashley Clark said...

I am ready for spring and summer too! I do read your blog and find it very interesting. I will be "unshy" because I would really love a valentine. My address is:

404 Terry Ave. #505
Seattle, WA 98104

Happy February!

Spencer and Erin said...

Um me please?

Natalie Ormond said...

Alright i wont be shy!

195 E. 650 N.
Bountiful, UT 84010

and I will send you a valentine too!

Birrell Family said...

I already signed up:)
Those colors are beautiful. After this winter I will never complain about being hot again (remind me in August!) We could do a line of baby girl paper in these colors, one that can be used for baby & other occasions?

Audrey said...

I vote yes on baby girl paper in those colors!! And yes please on a valentine. :)

C World said...

i think mr. chase would love a valentine! xoxo.

Porter Family said...

You can send us one if you want, but go ahead and send it in the same envelope as your families so you save on postage! :) Great idea, no? If you really want to drop a whole 42 cents on us, then our address is 205 Ashley Place #7. You're the best.

Weston and Karen said...

Uh ya, spring can't come fast enough. Just today I was thinking when is the sun and warm weather going to hit. I always feel the need for spring way to soon though. It's only feb. Heck ya you can send me something in the mail. 7006 Sw glenwood ct, Wilsonville, or 97070. So fun

Luke and Marissa said...

I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU TRICKED ME SO WELL. You and Erin, you little tricky monsters. I am so glad you came. 619 countryside ave. I want a valentine too.

Mom and Sarah said...

well, I hope you already have my mail address, but I really just wanted a valentine!!! lol I love ya linds!!!