Monday, June 22, 2009

My Dad's RAD.

Yes, my Dad is rad. Here's why.

The Utah sibblings and I were home for the weekend to surprise Padre for Padre's Day. We still think that he knew we were all coming home or at least that something was going on. We surprised Dad at Bobby's Frozen me, it really doesn't get better than Bobby's!
Yes, flattering picture of all of us! :)

After a crazy busy weekend, (between yard work, trip to Nauvoo, making yummy meals, bike rides on Dad's new bike--it's rad and I want one!--and more) Sunday afternoon came too quick and it was time to go back to Utah. We packed in record time (I think we were all packed in about 20 minutes) and we (Mom, Katie, Claire, Joe and me) were on our way to the airport. Before we left, I took my wallet out to leave something for my mom, and my wallet never made it back in my bag (and I was unaware that it didn't make it back in my bag...yikes!). We got a phone call from Marshall saying that Dad was already on his way to the airport with my wallet in hand. 20 minutes later, Dad arrived at the airport and I was able to get through security! Huge relief. I owe Dad. Big time. Moral of the story: My Dad is Rad.

One last thing...$5 to the first person to correctly identify this melody! Name the original artist and leave a comment with the lyrics to the 2nd verse!

*HINT: it's not a hymn or other church-related song


Mom and Sarah said... whose make-up did you borrow this morning since you left your make-up bag also and we didn't find that in time??!! I haven't even been upstairs to see what was left this time...found several things of Claire's and want to cry my eyes out each time!
Way too fun of a weekend! Hugs, Mama

C World said...

adorable wallet! so glad you had a crazy-busy weekend! don't know the song!