Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update soon. Just not today.

But the pic below is for this special roomie. For lunch today, I had my 2nd favorite sandwich in the whole world...a salami sandwich with a little bit of mayo and mustard on sprouted wheat bread. Simple and so good. I offered to make Britt a salami sandwich, but she won't even try it. Her loss. (My 1st *all time favorite* sandwich that I will never get tired of is a turkey sandwich {using leftover Thanksgiving turkey} on a lightly toasted hoagie roll with avocado, lettuce, a little mayo and cream cheese. Leave the cranberry's all about the avocado and cream cheese!) Oh, and coming in at my 1 1/2 most favorite sandwich ever (between my 1st and 2nd most favorite sandwich) is a Tri Tip Sandwich (Santa Maria style, sans the salsa) made by Padre. Such a summer sandwich and so, so good! (I think I like sandwiches...)See? I'm still alive. Update soon. Just not today.


Luke and Marissa said...

OMG I totally made a trip to Broulims today. What did I buy? Salami, cheese, crackers, and a cherry coke. I love salami! I was on a mission-and that mission was salami/cheese crackers for lunch. This turkey sandwich you speak of also sounds amazingly good.

P.S. no joke the word verification below says loUTARD! focus on what those caps say.

Britt said...

Dear Lindsay,
I think that your salami sandwich sounds gross. I will never try it. Your long attempt at convincing me that I would like it this morning was admirable, but I won't budge. If you keep eating those for 3 meals a day, you are going to turn into a sausage.
I am truly concerned.