Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pre-CHA and Day 1

(I'm not very good at this game...all of use had our own cars on the ride (there were about 7 of us) and I definitely got the lowest score out of everyone!)
What a crazy and fun weekend! I'm in Anaheim for CHA this week and it's been pretty busy so far. We all headed over to Disneyland last night and it was the best! No lines anywhere--we practically walked on to most of the rides! It was fun to get a little break before the show started and to just have a fun night with everyone!

CHA started today and runs through Wednesday. I oversee the Pebbles Design Team and was able to meet a few of the ladies that are here at the show! Suzanne, Susan, Lynn and Samantha all stopped by to say "hi!" today...I need to remember to take my camera tomorrow. I have just email cooresponded with everyone on the design team, so it was really fun to meet these talented ladies in person!

Oh! Funny story--we were driving around looking for an In-n-Out for dinner tonight and we ended up over in Orange, so we went to one on Chapman Ave. About half way through the meal, in walked my friend, Buddy, from El Modena High! I last saw Buddy a few years ago when he was playing for a minor league baseball team and they were playing against St Louis. It was fun to see a familiar face! Random, but fun!

Time to go let my feet soak in the bathtub for a few minutes and then get some sleep!

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C World said...

have a question: is In-N-Out better eating it in CA or UT?? i hope your answer is CA so you'll come back to visit! miss you!