Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Significant Brother :)

Spent the evening pulling some things together to send to Brasil to the cutest missionary ever:
One of the highlights from Christmas was chatting with Marshall for a few minutes--I miss having him around and hearing his funny stories. I'd tease Marshall about being my "significant brother" whenever we were out in public, and you could just tell he would be so annoyed with me! I miss looking over during church and see him drawing all over the program for the meeting. I love getting his emails every week and hearing about all his amazing experiences...and funny stories, like this one. I'm excited that he's coming home this year! :)

I'm trying to find single serving little things of peanut butter like they have at hotels to include in the package. If you know where I could find some, let me know!


The Real Sugarbear said...

Hey, it's obvious that is not a real moustache.

LinnieBell said...

the moustache might not be real, but those eyebrows...those are totally legit!

romantic said...
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