Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome, 2011!

Let me (and Claire, Bubba and Katie!) be the last ones to wish you a Happy New Year! It totally made my whole year when the trio showed up this afternoon! I happily drop whatever I'm doing when those kiddos come for a visit and get a few good laughs in. Love them.

I think this year, more than any previous new year, I've been so excited about the idea of a new beginning, a fresh start, new opportunities, and big dreams. This is going to be my year. So many things on my list of things to accomplish in 2011.

2010 was an amazing year:
• story of Jack the Snowman
• katie and I attempted to "scrapbook"
Michael Buble concert with Sarah!
• learning that Katie would be having a baby with "outdoor plumbing"
• spending time at home for my birthday
BSB concert with Katie, Michelle and Gina!
• CHA in Chicago and then spending a little extra time with Mom and Sarah in Chi-Town and driving back to St Louis
• Baby Caleb aka Bubba was born
• mom gave my room some much needed attention and left behind some beautiful sunflowers :)
• another trip home and flying solo with Claire
• falling in love with little Claire's smile all over again
• quick trip with mom to Houston for the Quilt Festival and staying with Beth!
• our first white Christmas, spending time with the family, talking with Marshall on the phone, hearing stories of mom & dad's courtship, eating at The Peel, minute-to-win-it games, stories, playing Just Dance on the wii, laughing hysterically over nothing, getting a visit from the "Christmas man"...basically the best Christmas ever!

Lots of ups, a few downs, and everything between. It was a good year. High hopes for an amazing year!

Much love, me

(ps...story about the top right pic: we told Claire to make a face like Bubba, and that's what she came up with. Love her!)

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Joseph and Katie said...

i'm glad you pointed out bubbaface picture. too funny!