Saturday, February 6, 2010

Being Crafty

Katie told me last night that I haven't really talked about work too much on my blog...oops! Maybe a little recap of the last few months would be a good place to start! Here's the quick version: back in September/October when mom and I headed back East for a couple weeks, Pebbles was sold to American Crafts, another scrapbook company in Orem. When I came back from Virginia, I started at American Crafts! The last few months were pretty busy getting ready for CHA (the Craft & Hobby Association trade show), but it's been a fun change and to be around so many other talented designers has been so great!

This month at work, we were asked to attend a crop...and for a non-scrapbooker like me, I wasn't sure what to think about attending one of the scrapbook get-togethers! (Side note: I'm often mistaken as being a 'scrapbooker' because of where I work...the truth is that I've never "scrapbooked"...I love the products and think that there are some seriously talented scrapbookers that make art when they scrapbook, but I am definitely not one of them!) I managed to talk Katie into going with me to a crop at the local Archivers last night. Katie printed off some of Claire's crazy pictures and we started on an album! After a few hours there, we maybe got a quarter of the way done and had lots of laughs along the way.

It was funny watching some of the women who were clearly veterans of scrapbooking--the ones who just wanted to get it done and could complete 10 to 12 pages in an hour-- and the other ones who loved to look at all the "cool" stuff that they had in the store and would spend a half hour thinking about how they could use a certain embellishment on their page! I'm not sure what the other women thought of Katie and me, but we probably looked a little out of place, not really knowing what we were doing! :)

After the crop, my friend Heath came down from Salt Lake! Heath and I were friends up at the BYUI and had a fun time catching up! I had all my scrapbook stuff out, so we made Valentine cards and poems for each other...Heath totally put my poem to shame:

I'm glad you're not
a wreath,
or teeth,
or beef.
I'm glad you're my friend, Heath!

(I know that beef doesn't rhyme. Whatev.)

Heath's specialty is ninja turtles, so he made me a ninja turtles card with this lovely poem:

I made you this card for Valentine's Day
So you can take it to work and put it on display.
Love's seed has been planted in soil so fertile
And manifested itself as a ninja turtle.
For this special day you deserve a lovely bouquet
But this is the best to say Happy Valentine's Day!

Awesome, right? The ninja turtles card will be displayed at work come Monday morning! Was your Friday night this awesome??


Southern Belle said...

HAHAH!! Your poem totally reminded me of YOU!! SOOO funny! I could actually hear you reading it in my head, I LOVE it!! You officially crack me up!!


Your Lap Dog... and Christmas Kitty:)

Anonymous said...

he he
loved it!