Sunday, October 18, 2009

From Sharon's Back Porch

To say that it's been a crazy month would be an understatement!

Mom and I took the most wonderful vacation a couple weeks ago back East to tag along with my Aunt Sharon and her gang to go antiquing in Pennsylvania! We had such a great time and it was so fun getting to know Sharon and her family a little better over the two weeks that we were there! The first week was filled with antiquing--literally all day long! I tried to keep track of all the places we went, but I lost track after the first day!

I've been looking for a hope chest/blanket chest for a few years now, and I finally found one that I fell in love with! It's very simple, but it's exactly what I wanted. The dealer thought that it was built in the 1850's or 1860's. Unfortunately I won't be enjoying it for a while. It's currently still back East; mom and I will be needing to make another trip back there next year to pick up all of our goods that didn't fit in our luggage!

The second week we spent down in Virginia at Sharon's place and visited a handful of historical places--Stratford (Robert E Lee's birthplace), Monticello, the local pizza parlor, the library, the ice cream shop. (Trust me...the last three places were historical places of interest!) I think that my favorite place that we spent time was down at the lake off Sharon's back quiet and peaceful!

Mom and I went down to the lake one night just as the sun was setting, the moon was coming up over the hills and a flock of noisy geese were coming in to land on the lake. We couldn't stop laughing at these's as if there was a huge reunion between them all and they were having a huge party! Sharon warned us that there might be snakes down by the lake, and so Mom and I did our fair share of scaring each other as we were walking to and from the lake!

It was such a great break to just take off and try not to worry about anything else. It's such a beautiful time of year. The trees were just starting to turn and the weather couldn't have been more perfect! Thanks Mom and Sharon for letting me tag along this trip! How about next year???

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Birrell Family said...

That chest is my style. You will love it for the rest of your life!