Thursday, October 1, 2009

Did you know...

• that members of the mafia have summer homes in New Jersey and drive black Hummers with tinted windows?

• that when gas stations have their lights out, that it means they're being robbed and you should just keep on driving?

• that when you see a good deal at an antique shop, you should just buy it right then? (If you vocalize that it's a good deal, someone *without fail* will have heard you and swipe the said item out from under you.)

• that shopping without a fanny pack isn't essential? (I survived--and spent plenty of money--without using a a fanny pack!)

• that my mom hasn't changed in 35 years (according to her junior high school friend)?

• that sitting in the back seat (where you can't see what's going on up ahead) is the best place to be?

• that eating ice cream (especially from McDonald's) every day is essential to a well-balanced diet? And that when you pour hot fudge on ice cream, it'll melt a little?

• that change (according to some people) is NOT a good thing?

• that "keep it on the double-nickels" means keep your speed under 55 -OR- keep at least two wheels of the car on the ground at all times?

• that I love my Aunt Sharon and Uncle (Leo!) Cliff and have loved spending the last week and a half with them?

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Joseph and Katie said...

you almost didn't get a comment on this one. maybe 'cause no one can appreciate it for what this is! wish i could have been there to see the ice cream melt... didn't have a clue about that one!