Monday, October 26, 2009

What Happens in Britt's Car...

...doesn't stay in Britt's Car!

Roomie Britt needed to run an errand tonight (to delay studying for a major exam tomorrow) and being the funny girls that we are, we put wigs (yes, the wig from here and here) on to run the errand. The cashier at Rite Aid did not know what to do! We did *such* a good job keeping straight faces (which I'm not usually good at!), but as soon as we got outside, we could hardly contain ourselves! People were looking at us wondering what the heck we were doing!

Britt decided that we should make a couple more stops before going home, so we ran by the Tanner Building at BYU and snapped a quick pic:

Ha, ha...we're so funny! As we were pulling out of the parking lot, red and blue lights started flashing behind us...

Yes, we were being pulled over. Lame. We both ripped the wigs off as fast as possible and tried to figure out why we were being pulled over. Reason: forgetting to turn the head lights on! Lame. Officer Lamehead was nice to let Britt off with just a warning, but told her that she'd better not make a habit of forgetting to turn her lights on! Needless to say, we went straight home without making any more stops. What a night.

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Britt said...

First of all, it is NOT a habit!! I have never done that before. And, "yes officer my name IS Brittany. That is what is written on my license, isn't it???" the nerve of some people!