Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Cooooold Halloween

Remember my costume from last year??? Well, it was resurrected. Not for long, but long enough to float down the Provo River wearing it! Brenda has been talking about floating the river in our costumes on Halloween for months, and I could never tell if she was really being serious or not. FYI: Brenda was serious. She even came to work wearing a life jacket under her costume! We took off from work after lunch, changed into costumes and made our way to the river...hesitantly, I might add! I'm still not quite sure how Brenda convinced us to tag along and make one of her dreams come true. It started raining on us when arrived at our destination which made us further question our decision to go floating. Definitely made for a memorable Halloween! Will I ever do that again? No. Was it freezing? Oh yeah. Do I have battle wounds? Yes. Will you see pictures of said battle wounds? Absolutely not. Any other questions I can answer for you?

Brenda's husband walked along the river and took pics along the way! We came across a few people out fishing, and I'm sure they were wondering if what they were seeing was really happening!


Later that night, we got all dressed up and went to Salt Lake for a little get-together. I think the best part of the night was the 'getting ready' part! Amanda = Fishy • Me = Peacock • Carly = She Devil • Britt = Zebra (or an Amazon)


Amanda said...

How fun! What a great and memorable Halloween tradition! Love the wig--very cute!

Savanna said...

wow, that is true halloween spirit. apparently i don't have that much in me. rain + inner tubes + provo river + halloween = "no thanks, i think i'll keep the car safe."