Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I'm feeling so grateful tonight for so many prayers that have been answered in the last couple of weeks. I know when I put my trust in Heavenly Father, everything seems to work out in one way or another. With the arrival of sweet baby Claire to Dad's health scare and a few other experiences along the way, I have gained a deeper appreciation for prayer, faith, scriptures, family and good friends. I find myself laying in bed at night counting my blessings and become overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude.
Last night, I was able to babysit Claire--granted, it was only for about 5 minutes--and we just hung out and had a good conversation! Katie and I have had some *interesting* moments with Claire, and we just have to look at each other and laugh ourselves silly! Marshall was so cute when he was leaving to go home last night. I think he said "bye" to Claire five times before he actually got out the door...he sure is loving his status as an uncle! I wish there was a better way to capture all the funny moments that we've had in the last few days with Claire. She's such a sweet baby. Somehow time seems to stop and everything is perfect for a brief moment when Claire is in your arms.


Beth said...'s Aunt Lindsay! I'm so glad you're enjoying your new little niece! She's adorable...I want to hold her too! I read about what happened to your dad on his blog; that's crazy! I'm so glad he's okay. Love ya!

Birrell Family said...

I am so glad your Dad is doing better and I know it has been so hard for you to be away from him. When these times come, the only place to take everything is to the Lord. We are so placed to have the gospel in our lives.
And that baby Claire! Did you ever think you could love anyone so much? You are a wonderful Auntie for her! Take care, Brenda

" I Love My Life!" said...

Lindsay...your sister and Claire are SO lucky to have you!!
YOUR the best, thank you for posting everything and keeping us all updated.
Katie Rivera

Porter Family said...

Don't worry, your pop was in good hands. Seriously, who else would we have to teach Gospel Doctrine? :) I think you're a great auntie! Claire is such a lucky duck and Katie is lucky to have a great sister like you around to help out. Miss ya!

Weston and Karen said...

Blessings are wonderful and I'm so grateful for all of mine too. Your little paragraph about Claire was so sweet. Little babies are so innocent and it reminds me how we are all suppossed to be. She is adorable.

Britt said...

I WANT A NEW POST FROM LINDSAY!!!!!!!!! yes, I already know what I should be doing right now! :)